Adrian Peterson Squandered the Opportunity to Meet His Son

The Problem With Procrastination

The Problem with ProcrastinationAdrian Peterson didn’t know his 2-year-old son because he squandered the opportunity to meet him sooner. His first time meeting the boy was while he was fighting for his life in a hospital bed. It’s not necessarily Peterson’s fault because he wasn’t aware of the child, who lived in South Dakota, until about three months ago.

The mother of the boy thought he was another man’s son until she tried to collect child support. She had a paternity test done so she could force him to help support the child but the test came up negative. Then remembering her sexual encounter with Peterson she reached out to him.

Once Peterson learned of the possibility that he had fathered a child, he didn’t fight or question it. Instead, he wanted to know what he could do to help their situation. He also started making plans to go to South Dakota to meet the toddler and had decided to do so later this month.

Of course, those plans were interrupted when this tragedy took place. Once Peterson was made aware of the attack to his son he dropped everything to go and be by the boy’s side. Since that time until now Peterson has been very involved in the process of decisions with the boy; he even pushed to have his organs donated so other people could live.

The moral of the story was penned many years ago by Thomas Jefferson when he told mankind not to put off until tomorrow the things that we have the power to do today. Too often we make the ignorant, but hopeful, decision to take an action at a later date when it could have been done much sooner.

This is why it’s so important to live in the present tense; this is the most important time there is. Focus on now because nothing else exists outside of the minute you are currently in. Any time outside of right now is either a memory or a mind projection.

We can only beat procrastination by learning to embrace the present tense. We’ll experience three major things when we do, such as:

1. We will function at a greater level of Responsibility: By living and operating in the present it heightens your understanding that right now is your golden opportunity; not yesterday nor tomorrow. It causes you to be keenly aware of the power you have to change your future. Taking advantage of today gives power to your goals while setting you on the path to activating your dreams.

2. We will function at a greater sense of urgency: It may be easier to find an excuse for putting things off but it’s much more fulfilling to dump procrastination and own today. This is the perfect example of thinking or saying it will be done later and only to be forced to accept that it will never get happen. By operating at a low level of urgency we often find ourselves succumbing to a life of frustration wonder what could have been. Understanding the level of urgency that surrounds your current events afford you the attitude that nothing is going to stand in your way. All of a sudden no excuse is ever worth your current opportunity.

3. We will function at a greater level of confidence: Life in the here and now allows you the privilege of pure potential. This is the state of mind which allows you a better chance at favorable outcomes. You will find yourself constantly in the zone with a heightened state of awareness. You will feel good on a consistent basis. Your levels of satisfaction and confidence will increase considerably, allowing your intuition and creativity to operate freely.

When Peterson learned he had a son he could have made a quick trip to South Dakota just to meet the child. Instead, he thought he had time and concluded that he would wait until later this month. No doubt, he did get to see him, but he didn’t meet his son and the child never got to meet his father. It’s called procrastination.

This isn’t a slap to Peterson by far; but rather a push for the rest of us to learn to embrace opportunities that are within our power to embrace. Don’t put off until tomorrow what we can certainly do today. The truth for Peterson and the rest of us is that the future will only be a repeat of the past unless we all learn to the importance of NOW. The decision is yours…what are you waiting for?

Adrian Peterson learned he was the child’s father about three months ago but let the opportunity to meet him slip through his fingers. He didn’t know his son prior to this tragedy; instead he met his 2-year-old son for the first time on his death bed.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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