American Horror Story: Coven – Jessica’s Last?

Will it truly be her final season?

 Jessica Lange in American Horror Story:coven


The ever popular FX television series starring Jessica Lange appeals to the darkest audiences and is continuing its series with American Horror Story: Coven. Anyone who has followed the actress along her journey through the series anthology knows that she will be missed as she announced recently the upcoming season four will be her last, although she said the same for American Horror Story: Coven. Dedicated fans will not be disappointed by mind change. Jessica Lange has won several awards for her performances in the previous two series including a Golden Globe, an Emmy, and a few first SAG awards. All of which many can say were well deserved for a job very well done. Jessica Lange says of her character: “The spine of the character is that thing of a wasted life,” Lange says. “The idea that this woman has gone through life basically like a bulldozer, in the most selfish, self-centric fashion. Things just falling by the wayside. Now, she’s at a moment in her life where she’s confronted by all these things — her mortality; the fact that maybe she’s alone and what did she discard on the way, like her daughter, that could bring something meaningful, but it’s too late. That Portrait of Dorian Gray element fascinates me: What do you trade off for this idea of eternal youth and beauty and how much are you willing to sell for that? How much of your soul are you willing to give up?”. And although she claims that she will be finished with the series, the charming and stunning actress uses her free time writing and photography, using the newly restored Louisiana town of New Orleans, as her backdrop on her down time from filming.

The newest series based on the Salem witch trials correlating the 1830’s to current time, linking lineage to present day. Set in New Orleans, Lange portrays Fiona, with many powers and is conceived as the strongest witch of the generation, after a long absence she returns to teach at Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. Her ultimate agenda is that of training young women; namely up and coming witches, teaching them to fight against those that oppress them. Fiona’s daughter, Cordelia, also being in attendance. Fiona faces a few foes from the past: a voodoo queen played by actress Angela Bassett and a high society Madame from the 1830’s portrayed by the well known Kathy Bates. The FX franchise will also welcome back as students at the academy Taissa Farmiga, from season one, series veteran Sarah Paulson will be playing Cordelia, Fiona’s daughter, and some new faces such as Jamie Brewer, a clairvoyant named Nan, and Emma Roberts as Madison who can move objects with her mind.

Many fans crave the story lines that contain dark themes and appeals to audiences who can appreciate the morbid and twisted plots and the characters that are portrayed in the show. This season is considered the series most dark.  No doubt the franchise has hit big time serving up healthy helpings of demented characters and settings that can make any hardcore gore seekers hair stand on end. The thrilling subplots and supporting characters adding to the gloomy atmosphere leaving the goosebumps no longer in short supply, as viewers watch each episode with baited breath as it ends and have to wait an entire week for the next showing.


By Teidi Bishop

2 Responses to "American Horror Story: Coven – Jessica’s Last?"

  1. Haven Buchanan   December 22, 2013 at 9:24 am

    Jessica, I have followed your career since you captivated me in King Kong. Rob Roy was the end all, be all, of acting on your behalf. My fave movie forever, thanks to you and Liam. Please do not leave AHS. So many would be broken-he arted. You are simply devine, m’Lady!

  2. Charmaine   November 7, 2013 at 6:43 pm

    No she can’t go, she is the show. Please Jessica reconsider I don’t think the show would be as exciting if you leave. I don’t think I would want to watch it.

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