Apple iPhone 5C or 5S: Comparing Apples to Apples


In comparing apples to apples, like the Apple i Phone 5C and the Apple iPhone 5S, it’s best to weigh in the costs and the features of both before you decide which one to buy. Making a product cheaper (like with the iPhone 5C) doesn’t necessarily equate to higher sales over a more expensive flagship product. Just look at the example of Apple, and you’ll see that they have sold two times more gold-colored iPhone 5S units as they have of their multi-colored iPhone 5Cs.

But why aren’t the less expensive iPhone 5C units selling at a brisker pace than the iPhone 5S ones?

There are several reasons why Apple is not selling as many of the plastic-cased iPhone 5C units as the iPhone 5S ones.

One of the biggest reasons is that, though the iPhone 5C costs less than the iPhone 5S, that does not mean it’s inexpensive — yet. It may eventually be sold for $0 on-contract, but the soonest that will likely be is sometime next year.

Also, consumers tend to want to be among the first ones to have a product that’s the latest and the greatest, if they can afford it. The iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S  were both released on September 20, and the public decided that they wanted to buy the one with the most bells and whistles, even if it crashed more frequently than the iPhone 5 and 5C do — that’s another reason why more of the Apple iPhone 5 S units are being sold.

When given the choice between paying less for a plastic-cased cellphone (albeit a strongly-built plastic-cased one), but getting less features; or, paying more for one with an aluminum body and also getting more features, the majority of consumers are opting to get the more expensive Apple iPhone 5S.

According to the  Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) analysis group, 64 percent of iPhone sales have been to consumers who have purchased the Apple iPhone 5S compared to 27 percent who bought the iPhone 5C and 9 percent who chose to get the Apple iPhone 4.

It could be that, after the rush of consumers who like to purchase the newest product has subsided somewhat, that sales will pick up of the iPhone 5C, and that they will eventually surpass those of the iPhone 5S

How does the Apple iPhone 5C stack up against the 5S?

Just because the IPhone 5C units are plastic  doesn’t mean that they’re all that much cheaper to buy nor that they weigh less. They are around $100 less expensive, which is nothing to sneeze at; but, they’re heavier and thicker than their iPhone 5S cousins, are slower, and have less features.

The iPhone 5C models have reinforced polycarbonate bodies instead of all-aluminum ones. They are available in five different colors, pink, white, yellow, blue, and green.

Like the iPhone 5, the 5C units also run on A6 chips. They both have identical Retina displays of 4″, as well as identical 8-megapixel cameras.

Some features that are improved from the iPhone 5 to the 5C is that the 5C has a FaceTime camera that’s front-facing, and the battery life of the 5C is longer. Also, 13 LTE bands are supported by the Apple iPhone 5C. This number of bands is higher than any other smartphone out right now, except for the iPhone 5S.

The iPhone 5S has a brand-new A7 processor, instead of the A6 one of the iPhone 5 and 5C. This makes it way faster than the original iPhone, 56 times faster, in fact.

Also, the Apple iPhone 5S  has a M7 chip inside of it. This chip has within it motion-tracking  software that you will probably need to use in conjunction with  Apple’s iWatch, if you buy one.

Besides this, there’s a gyroscope, compass, and an accelerometer contained in the M7 chip. These motion-measuring features enable the M7 to be used with the latest fitness and health apps.

What’s more, with the camera system in the iPhone 5S, you can film slow-motion videos. There’s also something called Touch ID. It reads your thumbprints and won’t let anyone else use the iPhone except for you and whoever else you want to use it who has their thumbprints recorded in the iPhone 5S. This feature of the Apple iPhone 5S has the “Wow!” factor that many buyers who are into tech gadgets are looking for.

No matter how you have your thumb oriented, in 360 degrees, the iPhone 5S can read your print correctly. The body is not just scratch-resistant, but is supposedly unscratchable.

Which Apple iPhone is the best to buy, the 5C or the 5S?

Which Apple iPhone is the best one for you? First and foremost, you should weigh in economic issues, and don’t buy one that’s more than you can afford. If you have a limited budget, and still want to get an iPhone with lots of cool features, then the iPhone 5C is the one for you.

If, instead, you have a bigger wallet and budget, and you’re the kind of person who wants your cell phone to be the latest & the greatest and have all of the bells & whistles, then I’d suggest that you purchase the Apple iPhone 5s.

What are your experiences with either iPhone? Which is the best one for you, and are you thinking about getting either in the future? If you buy either the Apple iPhone 5C or the more expensive 5S, you can’t go wrong with either choice, though the iPhone 5S is definitely the faster of the two, and it has more features.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. a real nigga   November 25, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    I don’t see how anything can be faster than 5c a friend has it and when I tested the speed I was amazed. I opened the verge and it came before I was done blinking , the 5s must be out of this world then


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