Plus Size Women – Bringing the “Sexy” Back!

Plus Size Women – Bringing the “Sexy” Back!

Ladies…pull out your garter belts, fasten your push-up bras, slide into your lace unmentionables and unleash the sexy woman inside of you.  Whether you’re a size 12, 14, 16, plus-size or double-plus size, it’s time to flaunt your voluptuousness and bring your sexy back.

For years, heavier, full bodied, women were made to feel less attractive, less stylish and less ‘sexy’ because of societal dictates on what was considered sexy.  For many women, the stigma of being overweight, or wearing above a size 14, not only destroyed confidences, it annihilated self-esteem and threw sexy out of the window.

For those of us who aren’t now, or have ever been, a size 2, 4, 6, or 8, the words plus and size (together) are almost taboo.  Not only do they resonate in our minds like a scratched record, they can sting hard, if we allow them to.

Since the era of the British supermodel, Twiggy, the mantra of the fashion industry has been “thin is in!” Even now, magazines are full of stick-thin models marching down the runways of Paris, Milan and New York, to a cadence dictated by society. And although “thin is still in,” and highly desired in fashion world, times-are-a-changing.

Normal women, who have normal bodies and who eat normal food, are rediscovering the real meaning of sexy.  Although some may still desire the waif or gaunt look, it’s not for everyone.  Most women are soberly aware that the ultra-thin look is unrealistic to achieve, and almost impossible to maintain.  And more often than not, those who do acquire the look are either on a steady diet of amphetamines; possess the skinny gene, borderline starvation or worse.

Like it or not, today’s woman is redefining sexiness for herself; and it has nothing to do with size.  If art comes in many forms, so does sexiness.  Whether you’re short, tall, long, lean, tiny, large, plump or proportioned, your sexiness resides within you.  And it starts with one word… confidence; and not what’s on a magazine cover.

For centuries, rounded thighs, full bosoms and tauten derrieres, have captivated and inspired such prominent artists as Degas, Cezanne, Renoir and others.  Many artists viewed larger women as creatures of beauty, sexiness and a work of art; but as time progressed, the fashion world did not. That is, until now.

Until recently, clothes for heavier women either made them look dowdy, because the fit was too big.  Or, like a hot dog in a bun, because the fit was too small.  This coupled with advertisers   perpetuating their idea of beauty; women were dying to be thin and sexy.

The popularity of breast implants, butt lifts and implants, collagenase lips, and ever decreasing T.V. censorship, either leaves too much or too little to the imagination.  Of late, BIGGER is becoming extremely desirable and sexy.

Thinner women are rapidly cloning that which heavier women had from the start; full lips, large breast, rounded thighs, larger derrieres, and whatever else is cushiony.

We watch them on the stage, silver screen, and the red carpet; sexy women flaunting their own brand of va va voom in sizes small, medium, large and extra-large.

Marilyn had it, Sophia still has it, Queen Latifah has it; you have it and so do I.  It’s called sex appeal.  You can’t buy it.  You don’t rent it.  And no one gives it to you. It’s an attitude, a frame of mind, or just confidence.

Prominent artists like Nigel Morgan and Germany’s Heinz Guth, as well as many clothing designers like Cheryl and Regan Lane-Smith, capture the sexiness of larger women in paintings and clothing.

For those who want to lose a pound or two, do it!  If you want to drop from a size 18 to a 12, do that too.  But remember, weight doesn’t define who you are or the sexiness which you possess.  So…pull out your garter belts, fasten your push-up bras, slide into your lace unmentionables and unleash the sexy woman inside of you, because no one else can.


Written by DeBorah Heggs-Alston

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