Bra with Its Own Twitter Account out to save Breasts

So you may know that you can tweet from nearly any electronic device but here is an idea totally of its own, the tweeting bra. Yup you read right, the bra actually has its own twitter account and sends tweets every time it is unclasped.  Granted this is ‘not’ for the general public and as far as it’s known there is only one made.

A popular Greek television presenter, Maria Bacodimou, said that she would wear it for two weeks in the spirit of breast cancer awareness. Because women should be checking at least every month for any signs of breast cancer, though very regularly women either forget or simply don’t do it.  So as a reminder to women in general she agreed to wear the bra. Interestingly enough in the first 24 hours the bra posted 18 times on twitter.

How does this work, you must be wondering. Well there is a mechanism hidden under the latch of the bra. Which every time it unlatches it sends a signal to a cell phone which then the phone notifies a server and the server generates the tweet, on the bra’s very own twitter account. The only real catch is that the tweets are in Greek, but we should all be watching to see who tries out the bra next year. If you are interested anyway then you can find all the tweets at generated at @tweetingbra.

Granted it isn’t the first of inadimate objects to end up with their own twitter account, there is even one  @mytoaster that raises a few eyebrows when it comes to the whole point of it.  But this magenta colored bra with the robins egg blue little bird covered in sparkles on the clasp adds a almost beauty to the entire concept.  With 1,567 followers  in just the couple days that its been active, clearly  its working.

The bra is a part of the Nestle Fitness for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month campaign with Brainchild of Greek marketing group OgivyOne Athens.   “This idea is innovative if we as the public can only focus on the awareness itself of the disease instead of whatever marketing strategy lies beneath it.” Stated  Parthapratim, a follower of the subject. “Our mission,”said Maria Bacodimou, “Is to deliver  the life-saving message to everyone.”

Another man said, “Sure, it is a good enough idea if it is used for that reason. But every time she takes her bra off men are going to be having other thoughts, it can’t even be helped.” He went on to say that with that it would take away from the original point.

Miella stated, “If these bras end up hitting the open market I will be first in line waiting with my plastic in hand.” But when asked why because it would not serve much of a purpose but reduce privacy she answered, “Because how neat would it be to look on twitter and see how many times I took my bra off in a day, week, month or year?” So the following question was asked to which she answered she was sixteen.

“Though the motive is in the right place, I don’t see it being very successful.” Said Deloris, age 65 and cancer survivor, “Kids still aren’t going to check, they don’t think anything will ever happen to them. The only people who will ever still think to look are ‘old’ ladies like myself.”

With all the great technologies and innovative minds willing to try something new, the Tweeting Bra is something people are talking about regardless if it is to support it, criticize its motives or to open a door to new technology ideas…whatever they may be. Its obvious that whether or not people are following the bra’s twitter action they are at very least talking about it and hopefully raising awareness.

Written By: KyAuna Alonzo



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