Capital Shooting Chaos [Live Video Update]


The motive is unknown.  The damage to the police officer is unknown, and media coverage has been spastic with major news outlets giving conflicting details about the status of the female suspect.  This is the state of things today after an incident in Washington D.C.  A woman, for reasons unknowns was in a verbal argument with Secret Service agents that spiraled into vehicular rampage, crashing her car into White House gates, injuring an officer with her vehicle, then managing to drive her car into the U.S. Capitol. This would be enough for front page news, but the suspect was not alone. There was a young child in the car. Although the child appears to be fine, media outlets are scrambling to create a narrative. Perhaps it’s time for a different approach, instead of constantly misreporting facts, we should all focus on a little thing called patience.  Our reporting may now directly impact the life of a child.


Written By David Arroyo




Live Video Update

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