Capitol Shooting: A Mom’s View (Watch Live)

Shooting Outside U.S. Capitol (Video)


Sending one’s child to the other side of the country for law school is frightening enough, but when shootouts become part of her life, it can bring a mom to her knees. Two weeks ago, it was the Navy Yard shooting, not far from her school. This morning, she found herself one building over from the Capitol shooting, visiting The Newseum with a friend when shots rang out. And she has photos to share, she boasts.

As she calmly recounts that a woman pulled up to the White House, got in an altercation and sped off toward the Capitol Building, crashing just in front of the Hart Senate Building with a small child in the car, this mother’s heart beats faster. See what she saw here: She adds, there were also shots fired and a police officer taken away by helicopter. All I asked was if she was all right.

For her, just another exciting day in our nation’s Capitol. For her visiting friend, a story to recount upon his return home. For her mother, like any mother, a silent prayer she is okay.


Written by Linda Torkelson


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