Depression is Real but Chemical Imbalance – a Scam



The drug companies work hard and spend billions of dollars to convince people their depression is in their heads, meaning they have a chemical imbalance. Though depression is real, this broadly promoted cause is a complete scam.

Actually, psychiatrists admit they have no proof that mental illness or depression is caused by a chemical imbalance. They’ve never seen it, but they sure can prescribe millions of psychiatric drugs for this non-existent condition. How can a doctor give someone a drug, often more than one – especially dangerous ones – for something he is not sure exists?

Jonathan Leo, Ph.D  and Jeffrey Lacasse, Ph.D said in January, 2012:

Today, on NPR’s Morning Edition there is a segment about the chemical imbalance theory, and virtually all the psychiatrists who are interviewed acknowledge that there was never any evidence in support of the idea that low serotonin causes depression. But then, amazingly, they go on to say that it is perfectly fine to tell patients that serotonin imbalance causes depression even though they know this isn’t the case.

The main motivation, of course, is money. Everybody concerned makes out pretty good – the doctor (from kickbacks) and the drug companies. Everyone except the patient, that is. One of the main side effects of psychiatric drugs in curing depression is depression. Can any doctor explain the usefulness of such a drug that causes what it’s supposed to cure?

The second reason is the fact that doctors are hardly trained in nutrition – a few hours at best. The average person interested in alternative health is an expert by comparison and many of them leave doctors with blank stares when they try to explain that B vitamins and vegetable juices, for example, has worked very well to handle their depression. Some of these doctors pursue further options, than blankness, and openly scoff these patients while the words “quack” or “fool” rise quickly to their consciousness.

These doctors don’t realize they are victims, themselves, of a scam that promotes depression as a chemical imbalance and they should scoff at that!

But, it’s not all their fault; here’s some history. At the turn of the century, Rockefeller offered to fund all the major, but failing medical schools, in exchange they had to agree to abandon all holistic, natural medicine. By 1933, he had donated $357 million to medical schools around the world.

He, the AMA and the Carnegie Foundation decided what was to be taught in medical schools and started a very aggressive campaign against anyone who developed an alternative medicine or solution to illnesses, such as cancer.

For example, a brilliant doctor named Rife in 1920 developed a cure for cancer that worked on many people. He was quickly squashed by the AMA. He’s just one example.

Rockefeller wanted no competitors to his oil byproducts, much of which would have been dumped into rivers as waste. Instead, he found a convenient way to make money from these byproducts by putting them into drugs. He sure did make a fortune.

A side note: Rockefeller was treated by homeopathic doctors and didn’t take drugs, he lived to be 98 years old. Did he know something?

The AMA basically became the police force to make sure doctors promoted drugs to their patients over anything else. So, this accounts for all the ignorance in the medical field regarding natural cures. But, worse than that, it accounts for the billions of dollars the drug companies are earning every year, including from psychiatric drugs meant to cure real depression by calling it a chemical imbalance. It’s a scam promoted in ads all over the media with little or no regard for the damaging effects they have on patients.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) is used heavily to make nothing of alternative medicine and to promote drugs through their ads.

In truth, depression is caused by unhealthy foods, unhealthy environments, which includes unhealthy relationships, meaning being associated with people who try to keep others down.

All that can be cured with nutritious food, good supplements, exercise, loving families and friends. Best of all, through real communication. Try those first. They work very well, so well that drugs should never even be considered.

Depression is not a chemical imbalance. It’s very real, but the handling has become nothing more than a massive ad campaign and a scam, always was and always will be until, hopefully someday, everybody knows it.


Written by Lucille Femine

Source 1 ; NPR Segment

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  1. Dr. Black   February 22, 2018 at 5:21 pm

    I can confirm this information from both experience and research done.

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