Capitol Shoot-Out Watch Live Video Now

Capital Shooting – An Eyewitness Account 7


The White House was in a lock-down today as a car chase escalated into a shootout in front of the US Capitol.  The suspect, an unknown female, was chased by Whitehouse officials after she rammed into a bollard on the south side of the Whitehouse, followed by a squad car on Pennsylvania Avenue. The chase ended abruptly as Secret Service Agents shot and killed her. Found in her vehicle was a toddler, but officials say no guns or weapons of any sort were discovered. The child, unharmed, is in the custody of Protective Services. The Secret Service was doing the job they are paid to do when faced with such an unpredictable state of emergency, and are authorized to take necessary action when this situation arises. Stay up to date on this breaking news story here.


Written by: Amy Magness Whatley

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