Capitol Shooting, An Outsider Review – Live Video

jounalistic integrety

It’s a live chat, people are talking about writing assignments and what we have to do later on. Then I read the title “U.S Capitol Shooting” and my first instinct is, “C’mon, politics again?” I am an Egyptian girl, who got really sick of everything politics, whether it is speeches, condemning statements or promises. With all that’s going on now in the world, you miss a lot of what’s happening. Even if you are well-informed on a certain topic -being a writer- you still feel like blocking out a lot of the sh** that has been going on. But this certain incident caught my interest the moment that I read the title. Deep down you would feel the stinging sensation of fear that it might be another terrorist, some crazed religious extremist who wanted to blow up the Capitol Building and fly up to the 150 virgins. Then you start reading into it and you fear for that injured police officer, is he married? Does he have kids? How severe are his injuries? As you scroll down, your heartbeat starts slowing down. Police officers assured an ABC News reporter that there was no information on this shooting being an act of terrorism. It looks as though it is an isolated incident. Oh great! That’s a relief. But everything is so muddled, still. What about the female suspect? Why was she trying to ram a White House security gate? And what was she thinking, bringing a little girl with her? Wouldn’t it have been enough for her to commit her act of vigilantism without putting the life of a child in danger? Thankfully, the girl has been reported unharmed. There’s too much information to take in, but as the events unfold, one can only pray for world peace.

Watch the live video of the shooting hereĀ 

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