Capitol Shooting: Why? Watch Live Video

Capital Shooting – An Eyewitness Account 7Capital Shooting – An Eyewitness Account


A woman rammed a gate and then a police cruiser at the White House and then led police on a high speed chase towards the Capitol where she was shot and, reportedly, killed. At this time it is unknown what her motive may have been. It has also been reported there was a child in the car and there are various reports that the woman had a gun.

The Capitol Police are saying there is no indication that this was a terrorist act. Assuming it wasn’t, what would someone’s motivation be to try to crash the White House gate? I’m sure it will be the subject of much debate in the next few weeks. My thoughts? Before the mainstream media starts their spin and concludes it has something to do with gun control, I would suggest it is another case of mental illness. Just a thought.

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