Dover Suspect Implicated in Sexual Harassment of Former Employer

Dover Suspect Implicated in Sexual Harassment of former employer

According to The Patriot News, a male suspect, responsible for sexually harassing his former employer, has been charged this Friday. The details were disclosed from court documents.

The man in question, James J. Lesesne Junior (aged 35), who resides along North Wynd Avenue in Pennsylvania, has been accused of making a series of sexually explicit telephone calls to his previous employer, during the months of July and August. It is alleged the man directed his sexual comments towards his boss, after he was fired from the company.

According to records, his ex-employer identified the man’s voice, following the calls, shortly before making contact with the police.

The conclusions of an official investigation led police officials to allege Lesesne to have used a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) connection, a method of communicating with individuals over the Internet; this technology prevents the recipient of a conversation from returning phone calls.

Lesesne is due to appear at a hearing on Dec. 18, before Charles A. Clement Junior, a District Judge.

By: James Fenner

The Patriot News