Child Forced to Bark While Wearing Electric Dog Collar [video]

Child Abuse

Danbury School Child Forced to BarkCustodians of a 9-year-old girl have been jailed after allegedly forcing the child to wear an electric shock collar intended to punish or train dogs. The collar was put around the child’s neck because her caretakers were disappointed with the progress report she received from school.

Eduardo Montanez and his wife Paula were arrested after a teacher was alerted to the actions by the child. The teacher said she noticed burn marks on the child’s neck. The girl told the teacher that she was told to bark in order to activate the shock response.

It hasn’t been confirmed whether or not the Montanez couple are actually the child’s parents but it has been verified that the child was in their custody.

Eduardo, 43-years-old, decided this was an appropriate disciplinary action and it apparently was not contested by the girls 34-year-old “mother.” Both are facing charges of two counts of risk of injury to a minor. Eduardo is also facing charges of cruelty to a person and third-degree assault while his wife is facing conspiracy of those charges.

Shock collars are designed for dogs and are issued with a warning which states that shock collars can inflame and irritate the neck of the dog. These collars utilize an electric current which passes through metal contact points located on the collar in order to signal the dog. This electric signal can range anywhere from a mild sensation that sort of tickles to an extremely painful shock that stuns.

These electric collars are sold as devices to train dogs and to stop them from barking. They are also used in conjunction with electronic fencing systems.

The most controversial concern with most dog lovers is when the collar is used as a training instrument. The trainer can shock the dog from a distance with the use of a remote control. Many feel that there is a greater risk for abusive use or misuse with this method.

This also raises another concern for dog lovers; the dog may develop aggressive or fearful behavior if they start to associate the painful shock with certain experiences or people.

When electronic fencing utilizes the electric shock collar a warning tone is usually rendered as the dog approaches the boundaries of the electric fence. The warning alerts the dog to stop and lets them know if they go any further a shock will surely follow.

Here are a few areas where the shock or remote training collar is used:

  1. Keep dogs within property lines: It’s used as a correcting device whenever the dog nears the invisible or underground fence.
  2. Stop dogs from barking: The electric collar will issue a correction shock whenever the dog starts barking. The force, frequency and duration of the shock will increase if the dog continues to bark.
  3. Training device to adjust behavior: Even though the primary intention for these collars is for off-leash training, many owners and trainers use it for punishment for certain behaviors that need correcting.

The use of electric shock collars is a very emotional topic for many dog lovers. It’s commonly recognized or perceived as cruelty to the canine.

One can only imagine the danger of performing these acts on a child. It seems it would have the same impact as an adult being tazered; maybe not to the same extreme but for the same result.

A couple in Connecticut have been jailed for allegedly making a 9-year-old girl wear an electric shock collar created for dogs. The child was forced to bark in order to receive the shock punishment.

The Montanez couple is being held on $250,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court in Danbury, Connecticut.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)

Fox News

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