GTA V Has Mo’ Money and Mo’ Fruit

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Rockstar  announced that there will be two  GTA V companion apps available for free, allowing the avid player of Grand Theft Auto V an enhanced gaming experience with mo’ money and mo’ fruit.  GTA Online launched the new applications on October 1st. Access is free for anyone with a copy of Grand Theft Auto V.

Released for iOS devices, and later  included Android phone and game systems, the iFruit app includes features that work in sync with the in-game world using a gamer’s Social Club login.  This advance in assisted gaming technology will enhance the already colorful game event of GTA V.

Online at, the gamer can get much more information about his or her favorite apps by reading the Latest News on the Home Page.  The viewer will find the following:

  • Los Santos Customs – a garage to buy and customise vehicles on-the-go that will be delivered to your in-game garage. You can also reserve your licence plate to use in GTA Online and it will be unique to you! So grab it quick.
  • Chop the Dog – a mini game of sorts where you look after your own virtual Chop; his happiness scale will affect his mood in-game, and you can teach him tricks to use and customise his collar (also in-game!)
  • Social Club and Life Invader – direct access to fulfill all of your Social Club stats and crew needs, as well as talking+
  • Misc – alongside those, we have direct links to mobile Rockstar games, the Rockstar store and the official GTAV website! 

A gamer’s website, Droid Gamers , commented that although it took longer for the iFruit apps to be adapted to android devices as opposed to iOS devices, it also said,that,  “Grand Theft Auto V has been out for a little bit now and iOS managed to get the companion application for the game ahead of Android. However Android is now on par with iOS as Rockstar Games has finally released Grand Theft Auto: iFruit onto Google Play and yes they kept the name as iFruit instead of changing it up for something a little more Android-centric.”

Tsuroki, a blogger on said,  “The Rockstar team made it very clear to us that GTA Online is not just a ‘multiplayer mode’ for Grand Theft Auto V – it’s an entirely standalone experience [sic]”.  The online services offered by Rockstar leave no stone unturned, as the gamer plays GTA V with so–called fruit.

Andrew H. said, on Droid Gamers, “Surprisingly there is no fruit involved in this application. Instead you are treated to a sort of mini-game called Chops the Dog and a cool little companion application feature that lets you customize your ride in-game, called Los Santos Customs, from your phone or tablet.”

Derrik J.Lang, a feature writer for the Jakarta Post, said, “For the most part, it’s illegal business as usual in the latest edition of Grand Theft Auto.  There are vehicles to swipe, schemes to plan and banks to rob.  Unlike previous installments in the wildly successful — and violent — M-rated series, GTA V centers not just on one but three criminal protagonists: former partners Michael and Trevor, and their new protegé, Franklin.”

With mo’ money and mo’ fruit, GTA V goes the extra mile to give gamers not only assistance , but the bells and whistles that make Grand Theft Auto a personal and dramatic experience.


By Lisa M Pickering, Droid Gamers, Jakarta Poat 




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