Dell Releases New XPS Ultrabooks and Venue Pro Tablets

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Michael Dell decided to battle against the opposition of the board to take Dell private to reinvent the brand. Since that announcement, Dell seems to be on a path to prove naysayers wrong. Behind the curtain and perhaps the reasons behind the opposition was released today in an announcement from the failing former PC giant. The announcement revealed several new items to Dell’s line-up and speculation is rising Dell could become a front runner once more. The biggest excitement resides in the new XPS ultrabooks and the Venue Pro tablets line-up.

Is the MacBook Air receiving a competitor? Dell is bragging about the specs of the new line-up. Why search and scour the Internet, when the information is below to determine how powerful of a punch Dell may be delivering in the laptop and mobile markets!

Dell XPS 

Dell is touting the XPS 13, calling it the thinnest and the lightest ultrabook ever created. The notebook is measured 0.7-inches in thickness. The 13 stands for the 13-inch screen; under the hood reveals a pleasant surprise. The XPS is equipped with the Intel’s newest Haswell processor and HD 4400 GPU. With a solid state drive and storage of either 128GB or 256GB, the XPS is pretty impressive. The notebook also has two 3.0 ports and is also equipped with a Mini DisplayPort. The resolution is pretty stellar- listed at 1920 x1200.

If a buyer is already drooling, hold still! The 15-inch version is even more remarkable. The resolution on the 15-inch notebook is a mind-boggling 3200 x1800 and reportedly stretches across the entire 15.6-inches of the screen. Both the 13 and 15 sport the Gorilla Glass touchscreen, and Dell is bragging the 15-inch has around 5.7 million pixels. The thickness is the same as the 13-inch with identical features. Both have an hybrid foldable feature that make it further stunning for purchase. Pricing for these ultrabooks begin at $999.99. The ultrabooks will start selling around October 18th.

The XPS ultrabooks are looking to make a dent in the PC market
The XPS ultrabooks are looking to make a dent in the PC market

Dell’s Venue Pro Tablets

The Venue brand is not new to Dell, but the evolution of the tablet brand is. The Venue 8-inch and 11-inch tablets weigh around 400 grams and a bit more for the 11-inch, with a width of less than 9mm. The resolution is pretty great at around 1920 x 1080 and will be also equipped with the new Intel’s Atom quad-core bay Trail processor. 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and a very nice feature- NFC is equipped on the tablets as well. The tablets will come with a vast host of accessories; from keyboards, docks and even mobile keyboards, buyers have a selective choice of options. The tablets will be ready for sale November 7th and start at $300 for the Venue 8-inch and $500 for the Venue 11-inch tablet. Dell is also releasing the Venue 7 and 8 which are Android-based tablets and priced more affordably starting at $149.99.

The Venue Pro Tablets has a vast array of accessories
The Venue Pro Tablets has a vast array of accessories


Innovation is a force to contend with. Apple is finally beginning to see this, Google is wallowing in new creations and now Dell is trying to make a comeback. Their ultrabooks/tablets are looking to integrate Android and Windows 8.1 for great purchasing power and appeal to the consumer base. As the date rounds and the devices fall into consumer hands only their reviews will be a final testament if Dell has successfully started a comeback, or continue to go down the path of red.  Dell has released a new lineup of devices from the XPS ultrabooks to the Venue tablets, only consumer input will determine its level of success. Explicit details of pricing is included in the Dell link below.


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