FreedomPop Releases Free Cellphone Plans and Internet

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Let freedom ring! While Washington is spending over $12 million hourly on debating the idea of more expenditures, one company has risen to the top. FreedomPop is giving what people want; a free way to connect. Of course there are conditions, but looking beyond the initial review how about unlimited services for $10.99 monthly? The average individual can spend up to $105 monthly when combining talk, text and data for a smartphone plan. Home Internet can be expensive but not when a user turns to FreedomPop. The company is looking to start small and grow larger over the next year as it flaunts its incredible pricing. Already becoming a force in tech and media circles, the freedom basis company is being dubbed the “mobile carrier killer.” So, what are the conditions and how does it work?

Minor Conditions for Greater Benefits

  • FreedomPop has to be available in the area. Enter the zip code and a working e-mail address.
  • FreedomPop will inquire for the direct address and if available moves onto the next screen. There will be three choices; Mobile Phone, On the Go Internet and Home Internet (also called Plug and Play.)
  • The HTC EVO 12GB smartphone would have to be purchased for $99 to add a plan. While this may be an initial groan, it is actually a great phone and after all- there is that free plan!
  • The Mobile Hotspot (Internet on the Go) and Home Internet may be based on an initial rate but is still priced beautifully low.
Hop over to the site to check your availability
Hop over to the site to check your availability

HTC Evo and Mobile Plans

Buyers will be guided to three plans and this is where customers will forget that $99 that will drop from the credit card. The three plans include-

  • Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Texts and 500MB of 4G/3G Data for $10.99 monthly.
  • Premium 500 – 500 Voice Minutes, Unlimited Texts, 500MB of 4G/3G Data for $7.99 monthly.
  • Basic 200 – 200 Voice Minutes, 500 Texts and 500MB 4G/3G – this is FREE!
  • These plans provide the best pricing option and has no contract. Even the overage fees are much less than the larger companies.
  • Unless overlooked, an activation fee was not witnessed, be sure to comment if seen otherwise!
The HTC Evo is a low $99, not bad when there's a free plan.
The HTC Evo is a low $99, not bad when there’s a free plan.

Mobile Hotspot (Internet on the Go)

FreedomPop is covering all basis. In addition to the free cellphone plans and low cost Internet, the Mobile Hotspot pricing and devices are pretty remarkable.

  • The Freedom Stick- Bolt is intended for laptop connectivity and is priced at $39
  • The Hotspot device for multiple devices to connect to is called the Freedom Spot – Photon for $89. Connect up to eight devices while traveling or at home.
  • Plans start at the  500MB of 4G Data for FREE! There is also a 2GB plan that is typicaly $19.99 monthly, but new users can receive the first month free, and the super low price monthly thereafter.

Home Internet Discounted

FreedomPop also brings discounted plans on Home Internet. Before a buyer asks, yes there is a FREE 1GB plan for web surfing and email. Purchase the Hub Burst modem for a significantly low price of $18.99 and users can enjoy additional plan options:

  • The fastest plan which is $18.99 monthly providing up to 8Mbps in speeds.
  • The 3Mbps plan is $14.99 monthly.
  • The basic plan which is slower and perfect for minor browsing with a limited 1.5Mbps is $9.99 monthly.
Purchase the modem for under $20 for Home Internet
Purchase the modem for under $20 for Home Internet


There is no cost comparison when it comes to FreedomPop. The next question for curious buyers may be the network. If familiar with Sprint’s network (which is ever expanding) a user can connect, as the service uses Sprint’s network for connectivity. Stephen Stokols, the CEO of FreedomPop uses VOIP technology in place of traditional services, saving big money by eliminating the middle man.

Stokols wants to eliminate the need to overburden consumers while still turning a profit. He looks forward to adding more devices to the line-up and allowing Sprint compatible phones to be transferred to his network. Larger network carriers are reassuring the markets that price wars would not happen. FreedomPop may challenge that theory as the company is looking to add 2 million customers within a year.

FreedomPop is offering the best deals in town. Confirm area coverage and get ready to receive the most discounted cell phone, home Internet and Hotspot deals yet. While the two major carrier can flirt with Wall Street to appease fears of being upstaged, consumers may be just turning a page for free.


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