Government Shutdown Republican Shutdown Says Obama

Social media says “Who cares which party is responsible? We’re disgusted!”

Government Shutdown Republican Shutdown Says Obama

President Obama has suggested that the government shutdown is a Republican shutdown, citing their refusal to budge and blaming the right wing faction of the House Republicans for the shutdown. “House Republicans continue to tie funding of the government to ideological demands … all to save face after making some impossible promises to the extreme right wing of their party,” he said before the shutdown earlier today.

Public sentiment, however, seems as though it is leaning away from finger pointing at any one party and toward complete and utter disgust for politicians as a whole. Some social media comments indicate that the public is incredulous that the people in power can’t settle this “political pissing contest” and come to a resolution.

Duane Binkley, who resides in the Greater Philadelphia Region, had this to say about the debacle:

This morning I’m thinking about all of my friends who won’t be going into work today, or who will be going in, but won’t be collecting a paycheck. I’m thinking of the Ben Franklin Museum, a project we just completed for the National Park Service, that won’t be open. I’m thinking of the Smithsonian family of museums, and the National Zoo. I’m thinking about how we live paycheck to paycheck and just how f@#ked we would be if we were suddenly without a paycheck. Our leaders have taken us all hostage, and there are already countless casualties. @ssholes.

Indeed, this sentiment is reflected in many Tweets and status updates. The public seems to be saying “who cares which party is responsible? The politicians are still collecting their paychecks and the regular working person is suffering terribly while the fat cats enjoy their cushy salaries.” Other commenters posted memes stating that all federal parks are closed and yet plenty of parks are being kept open for oil drilling.

The comments are many and varied, but one thread runs through them all and that is extreme disgust at the government shutdown whether it’s a Republican shutdown or not. CNN reports that in a poll they conducted, 68% of Americans think the government shutdown is a bad idea. While 69% of respondents in that same poll said it’s the Republicans’ fault, 58% also said Democrats were acting like spoiled children as well.

So the public is placing the blame on both Republican and Democrats, and the overwhelming majority of Americans say the government shutdown is a bad idea. It seems clear that the public is more than annoyed at this latest disaster. Tweeter Rania Khalek ‏@RaniaKhalek 40m pointed out “19,000 kids lost access to Head Start today. But don’t fear, NSA spying, deportations & drone strikes will keep on.”

In general, Twitter is awash in commentary about the effects of the government shutdown on the common person. Children ill with cancer being turned away from clinical trials, loss of paychecks, and low-income people having no access to food or healthcare were some of the most serious effects noted. Many people have pointed out that Congress still receives their hefty paychecks.

Obama says this government shutdown is a Republican shutdown. The people say “who cares who’s responsible? Get your acts together!”

By: Rebecca Savastio

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