Miley Cyrus – Bad Example?


Society tells us we have to be thin, wear makeup at all times, flaunt our bodies, and use our sexuality if we want to amount to anything. Miley Cyrus, a fast moving trend-setter with American youth; especially girls, is a prime example of what is popular and trending in today’s culture. Whether she is shaking her barely covered rump on stage at the VMAs, or singing songs about dangerous drugs, her imprint is a constant on the impressionable minds of our youth. Miley Cyrus, a celebrity who embodies what is new and trending, is setting a bad example for our youth.

Let us take a closer look at what she represents, shall we? In her latest hit, “We Can’t Stop,” Miley glorifies drug use and partying all night long. In a culture so bent on popularity and celebrity status, her words leave their mark on the young women and teenage girls who follow her.

Once a Disney Channel superstar, Miley has manifested herself into a famous harlot. She may not technically be a prostitute, but what she exemplifies is, by definition, the same. In her glorified striptease at the VMAs, she made herself a little more famous, and though she had the boys drooling, she had the star struck teenage girls vying to be just like her at the same time.  Is this the hero we want our children admiring?

Being a young adult means partying and making mistakes for most people. However, being a celebrity who is constantly in the limelight should be something more carefully recognized. Being responsible and being an adult are two entirely different things, and when a person reaches celebrity status but has not the ability to use that status wisely, that person has used their gift foolishly. Is Miley Cyrus, and those comparable, who we want our daughters to grow up emulating? Money aside, she does not seem to possess the ability to be mindful of a generation longing to be just like her. Yes, women are a gender of power and progress, but it seems people are putting too much appreciation into the sexuality that stems from society. Miley Cyrus is a beautiful, alluring woman, but is that enough to place her at the top of the world?

Child celebrities have a knack for turning into bratty adults, usually riddled with emotional problems and drug and alcohol addictions, and blatantly romancing either doesn’t seem to be a healthy choice. Miley, barely an adult herself perhaps does not realize the affect she has on blooming teenage girls, or budding women. In her desire to achieve fame of her own accord, it seems she has missed the mark on class and poise.

Whatever happened to intelligence being the most important quality a woman wants to possess? What happened to the days of sophistication and glamour? What Miley Cyrus represents now is an era of impressionable girls who become intellectually insignificant women. The problems in our society develop from those who find wealth in their ability to seem ignorant.  Miley Cyrus represents what is wrong with this country’s youth, and is a bad example for young girls everywhere.


Written by: Amy Magness Whatley



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