Florida Finally Executes Exotic Dancer’s Killer [video]

Marshall Lee Gore is Dead

Marshall Lee Gore is DeadFormer escort service owner, Marshall Lee Gore, was executed Tuesday for killing an exotic dancer. He was pronounced dead at 6:12 p.m. after receiving a lethal injection at Florida State Prison. He had no last words.

Gore spent 23 years on death row in Florida for the death of two women. He received the death sentence for the March 1988 murder of Robyn Novick who was 30-years-old. She had been strangled, beaten and stabbed; after which her body was dumped in a trash pile in a rustic area of Miami-Dade County.

He not only received two death sentences but was all given seven life sentences and another 110 years for a case of the attempted murder of Susan Roark.

Pamela Novick, Robyn’s sister, read a statement that said her sister was a vibrant young lady. She was known to place her trust in people not worthy, such as Gore. She also stated that Gore stayed on death row longer than he should have.

She said it’s reprehensible beyond belief that this killer has had the fortune of watching television, exercising, clothes, food and shelter while her sister lay in a grave. She said he should not have had the privilege of breathing nor any quality of life for nearly 25 years after what he did.

Gore attempted to appeal late Tuesday afternoon but the U.S. Supreme Court denied his request.

Gore’s last meal request was a sausage and pepperoni pizza but didn’t eat it. He met with his attorney and spiritual adviser during the day before his execution.

His execution had been scheduled three previous times before being carried out Tuesday. It was put on hold twice because of claims of insanity and once because Attorney General Pam Bondi felt it conflicted with her political fundraiser.

Gore claims to have had delusions where he believed that he was being executed so that wealthy people could harvest his organs. He also claimed to be fearful that he was being targeted for human sacrifice by satanic worshippers. He heard voices telling him to hang himself and he had been mysteriously injected with a virus.

However, the appeals judge agreed with the mental health experts who said this was all an act to avoid facing the consequences of his actions.

Gore had attacked another woman and was arrested. This woman lived to testify at his trial in connection with Robyn. She said that he had beaten her with a rock, raped, stabbed and choked her. He left her in the same area where Robyn’s body had been found.

Initially Gore denied knowing any of these three women but later confessed that they all worked for him at the escort service. When he was questioned about the criminal activity done to these women at his hands, police said his eyes welled up and he said if I did this to these women I deserve to die.

The 49-year-old former escort owner was executed Tuesday and pronounced dead at 6:12 p.m. in Florida State Prison.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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