Fans to say RIP to Breaking Bad at Funeral for Walter White

Funeral for Walter White

Breaking Bad may have died and been buried back on September 29th, but fans have rallied and are staging a funeral for Walter White.  Looks like no one is ready to let the show die just yet.

The event is set to take place on Saturday, October 19th in White’s home state of New Mexico.  Organized by Breaking Bad superfan Jackamoe Buzzell, the funeral is slated to raise quite a bit of money for the charity Albuquerque Health Center for the Homeless.

Plans for the services include a funeral procession beginning at the site where White finally met his maker in the series finale.  There will be an actual burial and a eulogy given by one of Breaking Bad’s very own set decorators.  As with every good funeral, a reception will be held at Vernon’s Hidden Valley Steakhouse, a restaurant seen quite often in the series and made famous due to the show’s popularity.  And if all that isn’t enough there is even going to be a tombstone.  The better for all those future Breaking Bad pilgrimages.

All this seems a fittingl tribute to the AMC show that gave its fans so much pleasure.  Breaking Bad introduced Walter White to us all back in 2008.  White was an unlikely sort of hero.  A talented chemist who had been cheated out of fortune by his college friends.  A much-loved chemistry teacher who took a second job at a car wash to support his family.  A helpless man who, when diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, partners with a former student and begins to cook meth so that his family is ensured financial security once he has died.  Fans bought the story of Walter White and fell hard for him and his family.  A sweet, pregnant wife.  A son riddled with cerebral palsy.  A brother-in-law in the DEA and a purple-loving nutcase of a sister-in-law.  They could relate to his struggles with money and quest to leave a sizeable inheritance for his loved ones.We’ll just gloss over the fact that he became a very successful meth lord, a mass murderer, and an expert liar.

Fans just aren’t ready to say RIP to the series.  A slew of online auctions that have centered around the show’s finale have been popping up.  Just yesterday it was reported that some Breaking Bad fans have pledged nearly $1 million at an online auction for over 330 props, assorted cast costumes, and vehicles that were used on the show.  (I want the Pontiac Aztec.  For reals).  And the piece de resistance, someone actually bid $10,000 on a used pair of Walter White’s now-famous tidy whiteys.

Donations have been ranging from  from $20 to $5,000 and will benefit the Vernon’s Steakhouse Walter White Endowment Fund at the Albuquerque Community Foundation.  If you have the means, it looks to be quite an event.  A fitting way to say RIP to Breaking Bad.  And A funeral fit for a (meth) King.

By:  Mary Kay Love

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