Miley Cyrus Teddy Bear Dancer Felt Less Than Human after VMA Performance

Miley Cyrus Little Person Dancer Felt Less than Human

One of Miley Cyrus’ little people dancers was not too happy with the VMA performance she participated in. The “teddy bear” dancer said that after the MTV show, she felt less than human. Hollis Jane, who refers to herself as a little person said she was not happy about her part as a stuffed animal onstage during Miley’s over-the-top raunchy routine.

According to Jane, she felt horrible after the performance as she had never been in a position where people laughed or stared at her. She says that the experience has made her “draw a personal line” at just what she would do in her work.

The background dancer posted on her personal blog about what the rehearsal was like. She said that after the first dress rehearsal in front of the crew, publicists and the other performers, she left the Barclay Center very upset. Jane said she was “shaking and crying.” Hollis said that luckily her two best friends happened to be visiting so she was able to talk to them and calm down.

The 24 year-old little person revealed that she “broke down” in front of her best friends because she felt she had been seen as a prop for the show rather than a person. She left feeling as “something less than human” after doing the live show as well.

In her blog she wrote that she felt ashamed of being a little person and it was a new experience for her; one that she did not like. She said that all the little people who made up the dancing troupe were used just because they were small.

Hollis had an epiphany when she realized that people saw them as a joke. Jane says that there is nothing different about them except their size. She felt less than human after her performance at the VMA as part of Miley Cyrus’ twerking number. She also felt that it was not worth it.

But she obviously did a good job as a dancing teddy bear because Hollis was offered the chance to repeat her performance on the Cyrus tour. After deciding that feeling less than human was not worth it, she turned the offer down.

It seems like Miley Cyrus has a penchant for using little people in her performances. She had a stage full of little people in her live performance. It appears that Miley wants to replicate her MTV VMA routine on the road so she will need a large number of teddy bear dancers. Hollis Jane will not be one of them as she felt humiliated after the one performance.

Miley Cyrus admitted to Ellen DeGeneres on the Ellen Show that the act was meant to be laughed at. It was her idea that the whole routine would be funny. She told Ellen that the audience members who were laughing looked shocked as well. So it appears that Hollis Jane was not mistaken in her feelings at how the audience perceived her and the other dancing teddy bears in the routine.

So if there are plans to recreate the teddy bear number from the MTV VMA program, there will be one less dancer. One little person performer has said that she felt less than human after her experience and that she has no plans to take part in any further personal humiliation.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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  3. Alexp   October 13, 2013 at 9:19 am

    As long as you are a consenting adult you SHOULD not make others responsible for your proffessional decisions. Peoe are overreacting to the “Miley thing”, how absurd that a society of teenage soldiers and pornography fashion is so upset by a performance, that little person did the right thing turning down being part of the tour, however she cannot blame anyone for her decision to be a part of the VMA’S performance. Next time say NO as soon as you feel that you’re emotions are compromised.


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