Genetically Modified Organisms Protests

Genetically Modified Organisms Protests


In marches reaching a global apex, people are walking in non-violent arms against Monsanto once again.  The primary claim behind these protests seems to be misconstrued by whatever news source it is being filtered through.  Like in some instances it is clear that what is wrong and needs to be changed are the cancer causing additives that are put in food to slowly kill populations whilst lining the pocket books of food industry fat cats.  Things are not as simple as that though, not by a long chemically altered shot.

The long term effects of many chemicals are harmful, but so are the long term effects of natural chemicals as well.  Genetic modification of certain natural flora and vegetables is the sole reason in many cases that they have had a modicum of a chance of survival in the first place.  Human beings are essentially genetically modified through penicillin to resist Polio, or it would be still killing them in droves.  When the same thing is done to corn and tomatoes suddenly it becomes highly illegal and immoral because someone that chooses of their own free will to ingest the products of these modifications has a problem with the results.  That does not make any logical sense, because that would mean if someone wanted to contract Polio they had a right and not a privilege to take a vaccine or cure when presented with the opportunity.  Simply stated, genetic modifications exist by and large to assist in the survival of organic things even into a prolonged inorganic state.

If there is a global desire to stop all of these things, it must be understand why exactly people are so easily willing to throw out good things with the bad.  The main bad thing seems to be aspartame, and with good reason.  Aspartame’s legality has been flip flopped so many times, it is hard to imagine that it can literally be found in almost everything bearing the title diet and low fat upon the label.  But it does not stop there, a conclusive study as to how the human body processes this chemical throughout a lifetime has never been conducted, so the ultimate versions of the long term effects have not been captured.

This is what sparks most protests, a certain amount of fact spun around a large amount of fear of the possibilities derived from that fact.  Is aspartame a poison?  Most likely, but McDonald’s was a poison for decades, and to a certain extent probably still is.  But no one seems to care about putting poisons into their body unless it is trendy not to.  People are already of the fact that the entire desert industry is dangerous and consuming large amounts of candy and sugar cookies could lead directly to diabetes, the loss of limbs, and other horrific results.  But they do it anyway, and we continue to do so.  The problem with these genetic food additives is the abuse by individual citizens.  If they do not want large corporations secretly placing things in their food, then simply don’t consume food produced by large corporations.  There is poison all around depending on the eye and education level of the beholder, the responsibility falls on them to determine what goes directly into their body.

Written by Michael Blain

Twitter: @michaelblain

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3 Responses to "Genetically Modified Organisms Protests"

  1. M. Ffrench   October 15, 2013 at 9:56 am

    “Human beings are essentially genetically modified through penicillin to resist Polio, or it would be still killing them in droves. ” This is easily the most confused, inept and scientifically inaccurate sentence in a confused, inept and scientifically inaccurate piece purporting to discuss GMOs, that I have ever seen. Utterly bizarre.

  2. sb   October 13, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    Why are you biased and do not bring out the unknown side effects of GM foods. Is it because u are paid by monsanto ? When you cannot believe the governments anymore why would or why should i believe you or monsanto ? All are liars to different degree.


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