GTA V Success a Likely Reason for Delay of Watch Dogs and Others

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GTA 5 Success a Likely Reason for Delay of Watch Dogs and Others

GTA V’s astounding success may be one of the reasons Ubisoft is delaying their most popular game, Watch Dogs.  The company is also announcing the push back of The Crew to spring of next year.

Ubisoft is quick to explain that extra time is needed to add further polish to the games in order for them to perform at their best.  However, those in the industry are just as quick to point out that the decision is fear based that was brought on by upcoming release dates by some pretty big named games.

Citing that initial sales are down, those in the know claim it’s the newly released GTA V that is the most likely reason for the product pushback.  No one could have predicted the sales of GTA V would skyrocket to billions of dollars in just under a month.  A feat so grand that it has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the fasting selling video game of all-time.  Maybe Ubisoft’s fears are well founded.

Another powerhouse game on the horizon, the latest version of Battlefield 4, is scheduled for release at the end of this month.  And the highly anticipated release of the latest Call of Duty: Ghosts is set to arrive in stores just in time for the early Christmas shopping rush.

With three popular and well performing games on the market it is entirely possible that Ubisoft wanted a larger portion of the gaming pie.  And who can blame them?  GTA V shows no signs of slowing down.  And the hype surrounding Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts is just too much to ignore.  By delaying the release date of their popular games, Ubisoft is proving that they are in charge of their own destiny.  It’s a brilliant move.

The problem lies in that Watch Dogs was set to be one of the first official games in the soon to be released PlayStation 4 bundle.  And it was looking to be the game that everyone was most looking forward to.  The delay of the game until spring is going to have many who have pre-ordered Sony’s latest offering more than disappointed.  They may even be furious.

GTA V, as successful as it has proven to be, isn’t without its problems here.  RockStar games is said to be offering a $500,000 online stimulus package for those with the proper software patch to make up for a disappointing first few weeks.  Complaints of clogged servers, missing characters, missing money, and vehicles didn’t fall on deaf ears.  By simply giving its fans what amounts to nothing RockStar has shown goodwill.

It may be that Ubisoft is making the right decision here.  By delaying the release of Watch Dogs and The Crew they are not only allowing themselves a fighting chance in selling the games but are also taking the time to work out any bugs that may cause online gamers massive headaches.

GTA V has been highly successful and may be the main reason for Watch Dogs delay.   Ubisoft has a lot more than just a Guinness World Record at stake here.

By: Mary Kay Love

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3 thoughts on “GTA V Success a Likely Reason for Delay of Watch Dogs and Others

  1. YES!! this is just amazing news! GTA V is hands down the best game i have ever seen and played in 13 years of gaming! its got problems but the amazing graphics, amazing details, amazing story, amazing cars, amazing online are hopefully finally going to push other games to raise their standards. lately games have been pretty weak and disappointing. they look promising but they fall pretty far short of a lasting fun, full experience. gta does just that. watch dogs are very very smart for pushing their game back. hopefully other games will look at gta’s success and say hey lets try that hard too and put a proud polish on it instead of a typical fake shine. plus watch dogs looks very similar to gta’s open world of crime and real city life. it would be a pointless competition. i already bought gta why would i want another version of that?

  2. The only reason I was going to actually buy Watch Dogs is for something to play during my 4 month summer break. Now it’s being released a month into the university year……… Now that GTA V for PC is likely to be release before (or very close to) Watch Dogs, I’ll just buy GTA V and maybe play watch dogs next summer. (it’ll probably be a lot cheaper anyway)

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