Health and Fitness Is One of Many Things Being Marketed in the U.S

Health and Fitness

Personal health and fitness is one of many things being marketed in the US today. Studies have shown that weight loss products are one of the most financially successful products being marketed. I believe Americans are not being token care of properly. Treated as consumers ,Americans get thrown a lot of products and Ideas. I think weight loss and personal health should be looked at differently. Weight loss is personal, and only the individual looking to lose weight can effectively be the one to make the choice to be healthier. Effective weight loss does not come in a package or is inspired by fit people, it comes from a deep understanding and motivation within yourself. If you look to lose weight fast or sign up for an exciting program you soon become destined for failure. I say failure because these things become only temporary and not life long, they can help you in a certain amount of time but not your whole life because the excitement and motivation level is hard to maintain. I believe if you find a sincere deep loving motivation within yourself this is your key to weight loss. No one else can tell you to lose weight. Next key thing is your approach.

I believe your approach must be as non chelant as possible. Let health slip into your life patterns and be as consistent and impulsive as it would be to brush your teeth. I would suggest to not get excited or tell many people. This is a personal goal and achievement for yourself. Once you slip in strong health boundaries into your life don’t think twice.Make a decision to never cross the boundaries and know by obeying your conduct you will later reap long-term results. I started with portion size , as I became an adult I soon realized by watching survival man on TV that he could maintain energy levels and survive on a few bugs and drops of water then I could do the same. Not saying you should starve yourself I just think it is important to retain that perspective and realize that American restraint portion sizes could help at the least 4 people to comfortably survive a healthy life. So therefore it is important to realize a reasonable portion size. I committed myself to only food that was one hundred percent beneficial, like vegetables, beans, nuts, fruit. I never tempted myself to buy anything else in the grocery store, because I looked at products in truth for what they were, like a bag of chips was not beneficial to me achieving my goal. I applied complete logic and never lied to myself.

The next important step to apply besides having that persons pure steady motivation from within is loving yourself and having patients. You have to look at where you are starting with your body, over weight, and love yourself now just as much as you will when you have the weight off. Understand that your weight is like wearing a tee-shirt it is relative, and losing weight is like wearing your favorite tee-shirt. Therefore have patients with yourself and the outcome.

If you set down for yourself a solid health boundaries line and patterns and you stay true because you decided with your loving strong deep motivation to do this it will be unstoppable and you have to let go and trust that if you stay on your pattern slow and steadily your new life style will begin to show and remain for the rest of your life. The slower and more patient the better, because you are building firm patterns and healthy blocks in your life that you can maintain. I learned all this by looking within myself . I decided not to be a follower but a leader of my health. You can find your own personal successful health guide within yourself. Listen to your body and always l oooo ve yourself.

By: Robin M Myers