President Kennedy’s Brain Stolen [Warning: Graphic Image]


JFK Missing BrainIt is believed the late President John F. Kennedy’s brain was stolen sometime in 1966, and that his younger brother Robert might have been behind it being taken.

This claim is in a new book that is soon to be released. It says that John F. Kennedy’s brain did not go into the grave with him on Nov. 25, 1963, at Arlington National Cemetery and that Bobby Kennedy was the one to steal it.

James Swanson has written that not all the evidence that was at the scene of the assassination is located at the National Archives. There is one very exceptional, ghastly item that is missing from the Kennedy collection and that is President Kennedy’s own brain. The information is in End of Days: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy, which arrives on bookstore shelves Nov. 12. That is just a couple of weeks before the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s death.

During the autopsy of JFK at Bethesda Naval Hospital, they placed his brain in a stainless-steel container that had a lid which screwed on at the top. So for some time, that steel vessel was kept inside a file cabinet which was actually located within the office of the Secret Service, Swanson has written.

Eventually President Kennedy’s brain was later taken to a footlocker and put inside along with various other pieces of medical evidence. The items were then moved to the National Archives, where JFK’s brain was supposed to have been put in a secure room chosen for the use of JFK’s dedicated former secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, while she prepared his presidential papers.

When October of 1966 arrived, it was revealed that President Kennedy’s brain was stolen, along with all the slides of tissue and even various other items from his autopsy. All these were missing and they have not been seen since then, it reads inside the book.

At the time, Ramsey Clark was the Attorney General, and he ordered a full search investigation but the examination failed to recover JFK’s stolen brain or any of the lost evidence. It all remains unaccounted for in the here and now, Swanson explained.

But the probe did uncover possible evidence that suggested JFK’s younger brother Robert, who had also been a former Attorney General and assisted by his aide Angie Novello, had indeed stolen the footlocker.

Conspiracy theorists like to point out and say that President Kennedy’s brain was stolen to hide evidence that he was really was shot from the front, such as from the grassy knoll, instead of history’s official recorded version of events, which have always stated the gunfire came from the back, such as from the Texas School Book Depository.

Swanson discards the idea that Kennedy’s brain was stolen as part as a reprehensible plot to hide the actual facts of President Kennedy’s assassination.

He says he feels that Robert Kennedy took President Kennedy’s brain, to possibly hide evidence of some kind of illness JFK was suffering from, or even to obscure how much medication President Kennedy was taking. He does not think it was to conceal any sort of suggestion of an assassination cover-up. He feels President’s Kennedy’s brain was stolen due to RFK wanting to protect the reputation of his older brother.


Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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  1. Terry Parker Jr   November 20, 2017 at 6:45 pm

    Any drawing description of JFK’s missing brain tissue? I have medical records disclosing a drawing of a left temporal lobe, yet unsure if this is my brain tissue removal, or foreign left temporal lobe transplant into my unwitting person. This covert operation was carried out Dec. 9,1969, at 14 years of aged, by Neurosurgeon Dr. Harold Joseph Hoffman of the Toronto Hospital for Sick Children. Since 1969, I’ve had like dream memories of being shot, and Marilyn Munroe. With all of the secrecy surrounding JFK’s missing brain tissue, along with Dr. Hoffman’s covert brain surgical research, question if there is a connection, and what Hoffman meant, that I would be famous, if I could get through the status epilepticus, I endured in the ICU, after Hoffman’s secret operation. Would appreciate memory or record of JFK’s missing brain tissue, and wether it matches as to what’s on my medical records.

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