GTA V Online Runs into Bumps

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Grand Theft Auto V online multiplayer was launched on Tuesday, and none too soon for GTA fans. However, when the enthusiastic gamers streamed in to try and get some playtime before or even during the workday, they found out they were part of too much of a traffic load for Rockstar’s servers, GTA V Online runs into bumps . With everything being overloaded, some players discovered they were unable to even log into the game, it was so busy.

GTA V has made over $1 billion in income in only three days, so exhilaration about the online title game was almost a certainty.  Yet although the game company knew lots of players would want to get online, its planning for opening the game definitely was not large enough for everyone.

Rockstar quickly answered all the criticisms that were appearing on various social media outlets, posting on the company’s own accounts trying to let gamers know that they were hard at work on all the game problems.  In a tweet on Twitter, they asked players to bear with them as they worked on connection issues they were attempting to fix as soon as they could. This did not appease a lot of players who felt the company should have been more prepared for the influx of players that they knew would probably be wanting to be online come Tuesday.  GTA V Online hit a major bump in the road when everyone wanted to be playing.

This online game, which comes free with a copy of GTA V, is part of the game that occurs some months before the main title and is supposed to aid in filling in various gaps about the larger game which is a single-player one. It is not something someone can purchase by itself. A person has to have purchased GTA V to have any access to the online game.

GTA Online also is supposed to have more perks, such as customization options for players, various avatars, different number of jobs available, and updates which add other supportive missions and players can get extra accessories as well. How many is not known just yet, but players were anxious to find out when the online game came up, so that a lot of people were unable to sign on to the servers made many people very angry.

The online game also has a selection where players can pay real money for even more game extras. This is what Rockstar is calling GTA$. But the business has had to work to stop fears that using actual cash in the game could mess with its stability.  Rockstar has already made guarantees that GTA$ will not have any negative consequences on the game, but that it will be watching for any problems which could happen. The company has also claimed that using real money will not make a player advance very fast in the game but that is unknown for sure. No matter what happens, GTA V Online needs to get past this bump in the road so players getting online will be happy.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble



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