SWAT Team Involved in South Loop Train Yard Confrontation

SWAT team involved in South Loop train yard confrontation

According to ABC News 7, a male suspect has been reprimanded after trespassing on railroad premises, at a South Loop train yard in Chicago. Amtrak police officials observed an unidentified individual, on foot, near the far east end of the complex, sporting a butcher knife and gun.

SWAT team members were dispatched to the area, and a standoff quickly ensued, around midday. However, the altercation ended, without incident, at around 1 p.m., and the man was escorted to hospital for medical evaluation.

An Amtrak spokesperson confirmed the incident to have taken place, claiming that both Amtrak and Chicago police collaborated in resolving the situation peacefully. It is alleged that the man was contemplating suicide.

During the incident, approximately 20 officers were in attendance. According to the Chicago Tribune, the man was seen trying to conceal his weapon, using his jacket as cover. He had also pointed the rifle at officers, on another occasion.

Meanwhile, ABC News 7 claim that the man sprinted towards police officers, causing SWAT team members to commence fire of beanbags; the suspect was then forced to the ground, before being taken to the University of Illinois hospital.

By: James Fenner

ABC News 7 Link

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