GTA V and China Watch out Rockstar

GTA V and China

GTA V and China, now do you see any connection. No you don’t. Well, you should. The enterprise should be concerned about the fact that the Chinese are the master of copyright infringement. They have no respect for international copyright laws and break them daily without any fear of getting caught doing so and spending time behind bars.

GTA V, or rather the Rockstar should be very serious that though they have had phenomenal success at selling their latest version of the GTA series. In reality, and they must be working on it, they have only been able to sell their product in billions and not in trillions, which they could have easily.

The only reason being almost half of the world, excluding, most of the United States, and I am not very sure about that either, is getting not the original thing but a fake in the same packaging.

It is the craft of the Chinese that they are master counterfeiters, I am sure that as soon as the game goes online, a single torrent download by one expert Chinese firm, involved in this business of faking the real thing and then selling it at half the price of the real will break all records, even those set by the original game.

And, in no time at all, the whole of the Asian market, if not the world, will be buying the counterfeit version instead of the real GTA V, oblivious of the fact its not the Rockstar’s original product, but a fake Chinese version in a similar, even better packing than the original.

And though, the original company will be happy the counterfeiters would be delirious as they would be dabbling in trillion of dollars without the least of effort while the original company though happy at its success would only reap half or even less of what they legally should have earned because of the time and effort that went into making such a fine game.

I am not against the Chinese, but in a way, in complete awe, because counterfeiting also is not a child’s play, but instead requires a lot of time and effort , and I will not be incorrect, if I use the word genius, as well.

I don’t hold the Chinese or for that matter anyone else who is involved in this underworld enterprise responsible, but instead the authorities assigned to check and stop the crimes committed in cyber space, because the mafias and the gangs in the real world are far deadlier and by far smarter than those in the GTA V, in the cyber space.

China is the provider of cheap entertainment for people like me who live in the poor countries and no way can afford the exorbitant price tag on the original stuff, so we knowingly, buy the much cheaper and somewhat lacking various properties of the original GTA V.

The old maxim that beggars can’t be choosers puts the situation in the right perspective, both for GTA V, China and the have not’s of this world.


Written By: Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

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