GTA V Online Title Update 1.04 Patch Fixes Ongoing Issues (UPDATE)

Stimulus to be released early next week

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UPDATE: Rockstar received notifications from gamers beginning 10/18/2013 around 5p.m. concerning loss of information, items and cash. This was Rockstar’s response:

GTA V Online Title Update 1.04 Patch Fixes Ongoing Issues (UPDATE)

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Rockstar has released another title patch update. This one is a significant patch, without downloading it – players will not be able to receive their $500,000 stimulus package. The ongoing issues have been numerous, Guardian Express and the extensive list of writers have been keeping players updated. The additional articles relaying to additional previous patches are at the end of this article. The newest patch developed is supposed to cure the aches and pains for Xbox 360 users which was not addressed in a previous patch.

What the 1.04 Patch Update Covers

Rockstar has released an update within the past several hours, addressing the first deposit of the two to be deposited into player’s accounts:

Rockstar's latest update on the stimulus
Rockstar’s latest update on the stimulus
  • Vehicle losses and mods created on vehicles will not be lost any longer with the newest title update.
  • Players will no longer have to go into their garage and wonder what happened to their car with an incorrect car discovered in its place.
  • Sorry gamers, Rockstar has patched a glitch – the same car can no longer be sold multiple times online for cash.  A one time deal only, so make it count.
    No more black screens! The patch 1.04 has rectified this.
    No more black screens! The patch 1.04 has rectified this.
  • A glitch has been corrected that prevents personal vehicles to be duplicated, a glitch many enjoyed, but now has ended. Many gamers are pretty happy to see the field balanced from the glitches.
  • No more concerns about the lights going off! Players can pay their utility bills on their apartments or homes.
  • Crew in game invites are back! No longer feel like the red-headed step-child while online. A crew can now issue an invite to any gamer while online.
  • If a gamer is visiting the tutorial race, many issued complaints about the starting point. This morning that has been rectified and the starting point is back.
  • Playlists will no longer get stuck, freeze or shut down the game. The title patch update has fixed this annoying issue.
  • No more black screens! Chant that one more time! No more black screens. Rockstar’s patch update will now sling this ongoing issue onto the backburner. The patch also fixes long…long…. load times and players will no longer get stuck in the sky cam, feeling a bit silly.
  • The random option for character creation has been updated to provide a more attractive array of  default characters, instead of smudgy looking choices.
  • If players are gaming in Free mode, they will no longer experience a heavy hit upon death. Rockstar’s newest patch will allow no more than 500 GTA$ to be lost during death.

Updates and More Updates

Rockstar is continually rolling out additional notices throughout the day, as they handle any reports of any outstanding issues. Gamers are suggested to visit the Rockstar site and provide information to the support team. Please keep in mind, previous players, progress and items maintained during the first few days of release and lost, will not be retrieved from this patch. Rockstar has listed this loss as permanent, hence the financial stimulus. The online title update patch must be downloaded to receive the stimulus, as early as next week.

As of this early afternoon Rockstar has confirmed all systems are up and going for Xbox 360, PS3 and the Social Club Services. PS3 players may experience issues with the leaderboard, as the stats may be delayed for review. Rockstar is currently looking into this to assist gamers to catch up on the newest crews in charge of the online world.

Xbox 360 Up, PS3 Up and the Social Club is Up!
Xbox 360 Up, PS3 Up and the Social Club is Up!


GTA V online is back! The title patch update 1.04 will fix the issues that have remained a significant problem with players. Rockstar has created a status page (linked at the end of the article) that gamers can now subscribe to. This will allow gamers to be kept up to date on any changes or reoccurring issues that may be affecting gamers or the game. The title patch downloaded is a must for all gamers who want to receive the 500,000 GTA$ stimulus. Are you excited to download the most updated patch and finally enjoy the GTA V online game-play?


Angelina Bouc

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59 Responses to "GTA V Online Title Update 1.04 Patch Fixes Ongoing Issues (UPDATE)"

  1. Richar   December 10, 2013 at 2:41 am

    Game freezes up much more now dec. Than ever before. Why are you making it worse and worse. I WOULD SELL THE CRAP if there was anyone out there stupid enough to buy it.

  2. Web Tasarımı   November 14, 2013 at 1:30 am

    Agreed im giving up. I guess ill wait for call of duty ghost

    • Ihlbit   November 20, 2013 at 1:11 am

      On Xbox its fine. I didnt get 2 deposits, i got 1 big lump sum. You might have missed the cut off date for it. Honestly though, its not that great of a thing. It was gone in 10 minutes. But I made more than that in a day or so of playing races n other missions. Just play and before you know it you’ll be rich.

  3. BOWLKILLER   November 1, 2013 at 5:07 pm

    Mines the same I can’t even get on now. I just stay stuck on the loading story screen. Just wondering when and if at all when I will get to play the game I paid for.

    • Daexiao   November 5, 2013 at 9:00 am

      Mine to , I cant get it to download the update … I cant even play online now on gta5 ..–_- …

    • Bob   November 15, 2013 at 6:23 am

      Same happening to me can’t even play the game at all! Why are updates taking so long to be released with so much people unable to play! Really hate that loading screen now……

  4. Kelvin   October 31, 2013 at 6:38 pm

    When I play online why is the system saying I’m being kicked out by other players for no reason.

  5. scott   October 30, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    When will cash cards be fixed

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