Halloween Top 5 Cities for Trick or Treating

Halloween: Top 5 Cities for Trick or Treating

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It has arrived! Amid the gray skies of Fall, the colorful enchanting dance of leaves, Halloween has arrived. Blustery winds, bone-chilling cold and rain are marking some cities across the nation as children and tots look forward to a bag of treats. Cowboys, witches, vampires, werewolves, dead brides, priests, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and more will co-exist among millions of varying neighborhoods. In the search of the tastiest and most delightful neighborhoods across America, here is a list to chew on. The top 5 cities for trick or treating, where neighbors conspire to deliver holiday cheer and goodies.

No. 1 – Noe Valley, San Francisco

The upscale neighborhoods gracing Noe Valley is known for their famous St. Paul’s Catholic Church which was used in the movie, Sister Act. Many young couples grace the residential streets, little children scattering throughout the street as lights are expected to beam brightly from home to home. The West Coast in general is highly selected by many as being filled with the spirit of delicious frights. Scores of additional cities mark the leverage of the West Coast dominating the board. Parents tout Beverly Hills, Studio City and even LA as favorites.

Halloween: Top 5 Cities for Trick or Treating

No. 2 – Cincinnati, Ohio

Trekking across the United States, leads this top 5 list to Cincinnati. Outside of having a plethora of haunted homes, tours and events – the city dedicates a database of participating neighborhoods. The neighbors scare up delightful morsels such as snickers, butterfingers and even boxes of whoppers. The children screech through the streets looking to fill not just little, orange, plastic pumpkins but massive pillowcases. Cleveland was also tied with Cincinnati with delightful displays and neighborhoods filled with lights, costumes and candy.

Halloween: Top 5 Cities for Trick or Treating

No. 3 – Salem, Massachusetts

Salem would make the list! The prideful city has more than Halloween day, they dedicate the month of October to scare up stories, tours, events and reenactments. What makes this city so ghoulishly delightful is its gathering of family treats. From the Haunted Magic Show to its Festival of the Dead, Salem delivers more than just candy. They have an embedded history that seems to draw upon the veil of the dead and the living. Enthrall in the festivities that are uniquely found in Salem.

Halloween: Top 5 Cities for Trick or Treating

No. 4 – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Like Cincinnati, Milwaukee delivers a quality database to deliver tips, hints and information for trick or treaters. Haunted graveyards, pumpkin patches and stores all get involved with passing out candy and delivering a trick with a treat. Speaking to a few residents showed another reason why the city remains a highlighted attraction; many neighbors pass out full sized candy bars and money. This is not just a pennies game, it seems dollars have fallen into baskets. This city revels in Halloween and even shares with seekers of fright the best locations for a scream.


No. 5 – Albuquerque, New Mexico

This delightful city ends this list on a note of charity and kindness. Coronado Mall welcomes trick or treaters to deliver canned food items and receive a bag of tasty treats. No tricks here, as citizens come together to feed those families who need by filling them with warm food. In addition, a charity carnival will be underway as dusk falls. This will permit those curious seekers of the future to chat with tarot card readers and even exalt in a family-friendly haunted house. The delights will outweigh screams in Albuquerque tonight.

Halloween: Top 5 Cities for Trick or Treating

Happy Halloween

May tummies be full with sugar and groans of delight as candy is sorted. Be safe and be sure to wear a button or item of clothing that flashes in the evening for drivers. Immerse in the delight of childhood and candy this Halloween night. If you are in a city that deserves a shout-out with the top 5 cities for trick or treating, list it in the comments.


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