Katy Perry Doesn’t Know What to Eat

Katy Perry Doesn't Know What to Eat

Katy Perry doesn’t know what she likes to eat.  And right now it seems that English food is not high on the list.  Perry complained to Entertainment Weekly in an interview published this week, “No offense to beautiful Britain, but they’re not known for their cuisine.”  Katy Perry has spent much time in the UK and has been introduced to a variety of dishes.  Perry is only recently divorced from controversial English actor and comedian Russell Brand.

At the home-style end, Perry tweeted, back in 201, “I love coming to London so I can have baked beans on toast.”  Later adding on a visit to the North of England, “”1st thing I did was stuff me gob w/some Yorkshire puddings & meat pies from Silversmiths in Sheffield. Ah bless.”  So why did she critique the cuisine to EW’s journalist?

Perry shows herself to be as unstable with her food choices as she is with her love life.  One minute she’s enthralled by heartwarming English food and the next she’s insulting British cooks with hurtful words based on predictable generalization.  The two areas are intimately connected.    To be clear, English cuisine is often local, delightfully creative and frequently cosmopolitan. Influenced by the many immigrants that have brought unique flavors and dishes with to Britain, the country boasts an attachment to older recipes with many that go back to medieval days.  There was no need for the criticism.

Perry is now on track to marry John Meyer but in 2010 she married Russell Brand, after they had dated for a year.  The wedding was a Hindu ceremony in Rajasthan, India and fourteen months later the marriage was over.  Brand has admitted publicly to drug use and yet the marriage appears to have broken down for other reasons; fundamentally the famous couple disagreed about starting a family as explained by Perry in her documentary, Katy Perry: Part of Me.  Perry doesn’t know what a marriage needs and she doesn’t know what she likes to eat.

Perry crosses the globe at an alarming pace, supporting her music and new releases in Europe, America and throughout the world.  This promotion has paid off.  She is one of a few female artists who have enjoyed repeated Number One successes from each of her albums.  Her three CD’s released since 2008 have been alarmingly successful, creating an endless stream of hits.

Kate Perry is certainly at the top of her musical career.  A career like this could last her through her life. She has also been successful with her step into the world of movies, playing the role of Smurfette in the three Smurfs movies.  She has released name brand perfumes and has appeared in cameos across a variety of TV shows, including Saturday Night Live.  But the burden of fame and fortune are heavy.  Her parents were Pentecostal pastors and she grew up with gospel music.  From humble beginnings, she now manages wealth that’s estimated at $75million.

All this success has surely affected Perry’s sense of self.  Travelling and jetlagged, uprooted and romantically challenged, Perry must be eating an erratic variety of foods.  One can only hope that this is what created her put down of English food and her suggestion that Caesar Salad was the only safe guarantee of a good meal in London.  Katy Perry may have songs that are eloquent and memorable but she might have spoken out of line with regards to English food.  It seems that Katy Perry doesn’t know what she wants to eat.

By Vicky Judah

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