Kansas School Bus Plunges off Bridge into Water

Douglass County School Bus Accident

Douglass County School Bus

In Kansas near Douglass a school bus carrying 11 people drove off a bridge. The bus went into a creek at 190th Street and Hopkins Switch, according to Butler County dispatchers.

The bus is in the water in an upside down position with the driver inside.

The students have escaped but the driver is still trapped. According to KFDI, water rescue teams are en route to the scene of the accident.

At least one injury has been reported.

The bus is believed to be from the Douglass school district.

The bridge is old and according to images seems a bit unstable.

Butler County sheriff’s deputies along with rescue crews are on the scene of an accident involving a school bus.

The students that were on the bus have all been accounted for and water rescue teams are heading to scene in hopes of rescuing the driver of the bus.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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