Julius Malema and the Launch of His New Political Party


Julius Malema

South Africa – Julius Malema, the founder, leader and political fanatic of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is back. Yes, the big bad guy with a threatening voice is making a loud noise as he tries to attract voters ahead of the 2014 election.

At a meeting at Marikana yesterday, Juju, as he is referred to, drew large crowds to attend his meeting. He embarked on the stage like a professional actor with a well-rehearsed script and gave the audience a spectacular display of idiotic splendor. A man on a mission to change the face of SA with promises that will create a war. He told his captivated audience the land was theirs, they did not have to pay for it, it’s their’s for free! That alone is a cry of war. He murmured openly of how he did not like white people. He belittled President Jacob Zuma (some of the comments are factual) and he told the masses he would be president next year.

Outraged at the lack of security and performance by the police force, he condemned their actions. He raised his voice in anger toward the teachers who took to striking and told them to concentrate on teaching children and strike after school hours. He kind of guaranteed that the children would join the strike.

Julius Malema, the ousted ANC youth president and no longer the staunch supporter of the ruling party has come back to the political arena with a fierce and unwavering focus of taking over the leadership of this country.

We already have a corrupt government who has done nothing in the twenty years of their power to raise and expand the country. Instead, the remnants of their democracy is falling apart and slowly the collapse of service deliveries will trigger a further split within their political party. Now for the likes of Julius Malema to win the most votes in the next year’s election will surely take the country backwards. He’s a capitalist thinker and speaker with only one goal on hand and that is to strip the country and cause destruction.

We cannot forget that while serving under the ANC, Malema prospered and always denied wrongdoing, but any honest person will realize he had given into the integrity of honest dealings by underhandedly accepting bribes for tenders. Now that he has lost most of his ill-gotten fortune since his removal from the ANC party, we ask how he raised the funds to create a new political party. A few names pop up such as Robert Mugabe, the tyrant president of Zimbabwe.

Malema certainly echoes a lot of Bob’s sentiments regarding white people. He closed his meeting with his infamous song, Kill the Boer, and the audience joined the singing and dancing in acceptance thereof. Of course, we could not except him to have found a new tune; he still clings to hate and history with the passion of a lunatic.

It is disgusting to realize that in this advanced age, we still have capitalist egotistical people who hang onto the past; people who cannot understand or bother to find out the true meaning of democracy.

Malema winning the election next year will be like turning SA into another ruined African country and there are plenty of those on the continent.

Julius Malema has always had an abrupt manner and the South African media will once again expand on his speeches. It certainly is entertaining listening to the crazy convictions once again. After all, Malema is a media attention seeker; he loves his role of screeching his hate relationship with the whites and new enemy Jacob Zuma.

However much he raises his voice, or however much he finds a way to convince the ignorant people to listen to him, he will not win. Yet for Julius Malema to win a seat in parliament will show the world how fantastically a rainbow government can lead and stabilize a country.

Written by Laura Oneale


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One Response to "Julius Malema and the Launch of His New Political Party"

  1. tricamegyp@gmail.com   October 31, 2013 at 4:04 am

    i am against any kind of racism but…why do people listen to this guy?What has Mandela indeed do for the cause of the socila difrences?I watched yesterday a program about “no land,no house,no vote”:can you explain to those who have been excluded that this SA is for all?Can you denie a mobgang from ANC treahtning people who fight for basic rights? for all these matters we will always have Mulemas coming up.Because the arrogance of the so-called revolutionairs and their disdain for the people,their falsity.
    Mandela,turned into a pop star,pleased by companion of people like Charles Taylor and married to a criminal.Shame on you democrats.Africa is for all not for some.I never lost a chance to tell americans that the term afro American is wrong because the word African doenst stand for a color of skin.Mulema is wrong,as wrong as the false promisses of all SA Mandelas.Like MLKing in despise of Malcolm X.A hero made by those who have and always had the money.Mulema as president?so What? if the people vote!!!thats your problem democrats of this brave new world.It would be a disgrace to see SA scrumbling like all the neighbour countries but part of the destruction started with ANC,from day 1.

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