Kanye and Jimmy Kiss and Make up?

KanyeKanye West and Jimmy Kimmel have not been on the greatest terms as of late. Talk show host Kimmel started a bit of a war when he spoofed rapper Kanye West in a mock-video of West’s BBC interview. The war was taken to Twitter, where both men passively-aggressively Tweeted their angst. Last night, though, it looks as if they may have kissed and made up; at least on the cheek.

Wednesday night, Kanye West showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live causing an exciting delight for most viewers. Not knowing what to expect from this face-to-face meeting, there seemed to be a untied sigh of relief when the two shook hands. Dispelling all rumors that this two-week long feud was a publicity stunt, Kanye seemed to be a little less mad with Kimmel; at least while the cameras were rolling.

Jimmy Kimmel began the interview by apologizing to West for taking words out of context from his BBC interview to use in his spoof skit for the show. West even seemed to laugh a little when Kimmel played the video to remind the audience, as if anyone could forget, what started the whole feud.

Kanye, not known for coming clean with apologies, and never really owning up to his part in things without a plethora of ready excuses, did not fall off course in last night’s show, either. He did take some blame, stating he may have gotten out of hand in a phone call with Kimmel, and perhaps his anger was misplaced, but an apology, not even close.

Excusing his anger by pointing fingers at the media, he expressed his displaced aggression at the paparazzi and non-celebrities because they “treat celebrities like zoo animals.” Keeping real with his hyper-sensitive ego, Kanye also reiterated to Kimmel and his audience that he is “a creative genius, and there’s no other way to word it.” When it comes to self-inflation, Kanye has never been one to let his fans or foes down. Ranting through the next half of the show, he reminded everyone watching that he is clearly so much more than a celebrity.

Things did get a little awkward when Kimmel told West that “A lot of people think you’re a jerk,” and then followed it up by telling him he tends to bring those judgments onto himself by constantly calling himself a genius. Kimmel also took West’s side, giving the rapper props for being so honest.

Though both denied the feud was anything like a publicity stunt, they both used it to their advantage. A commercial for Kanye’s concert ran during the show, and an ABC episode of Nightline aired a segment of Kanye after his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The two-week Twitter war made a splash all over the internet leaving many suspicious of the motives. However, knowing his record for over-reactions, Kanye West really does not display career-stunt motives, merely temper-tantrum purpose. Though his tantrums do end up giving him attention; always keeping him in the spotlight, this bad-boy rapper seems to just be a little bratty.

The result of last night’s show seemed to be that the two kissed and made up. However, with Kanye’s ever-ready defensiveness, we never know when a new war will commence just because.


Written by: Amy Magness Whatley




 Was it a stunt?



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