Shutdown Coming to an End? Breaking News


On Oct. 10, 2015, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney stated in a press conference, concerning the government shutdown, confirming the House Republicans are indeed meeting with President Obama tomorrow morning. The time for the meeting is unknown, but Carney did say he would keep the American People updated.

Carney expressed the president’s relief that “cooler heads seemed to be prevailing.” He went on to remind the nation that default is not an option.

Directing blame, Carney inferred the House Republicans insisted that closing the government was a sure-fire way to appeal the Affordable Care Act. This is their primary concern, at this point.

The press secretary informed the people that President Obama “will not pay ransom” to the Tea Party, in exchange for job performance. The Republicans have apparently come up with a short-term raise in the debt ceiling. It is questionable, however, if it will be approved.

It remains unclear what offers will be made tomorrow morning. However, it is obvious that finding a common ground for the betterment of this country, should be the primary goal. The president asserts that punishing the American people is no longer an option.

Guardian Liberty Voice will provide updates as they are made available.

Written by Amy Magness Whatley

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