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Kim Kardashian Sideboob and Enhanced Booty Shot on Instagram

Kim Kardashian Sideboob and Enhanced Booty Shot

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is very proud of her “new” slimmer figure after her use of the Atkin’s Diet helped the reality star to shed a rumored 25 pounds of baby weight. She wasted no time in hopping into a sexy swimsuit that showed off her enhanced booty and one sideboob on an Instagram selfie posted on her Twitter feed. While she could not wait to post her “sexy snap” Kanye West implied that he could not wait to get home via the same social networking site.

The 32 year-old mother of baby North and main squeeze of Kanye West has always been fond of posting sexy selfies on her Twitter feed. For someone who is addicted to being in the public eye 24/7 it is to be expected. That she waited to post a new picture until after her Atkin’s Diet slimmed her to a desired size, shows just how image conscious Kim actually is.

The snap also shows just how proud the reality star is of her enhanced boobs and booty. Her e- husband Damon Thomas has claimed that when Kim got her botox done, “back in the day,” she also opted to have fat removed via liposuction and injected into her buttocks and boobs to increase their size. The fat was reconfigured from her thighs to  enhance her vision of what a perfect figure is. Kardashian’s ex-husband’s claims have been backed up by other sources who are, “in the know.”

Without having a price tag to reference, it would seem that the whole ordeal must have cost a pretty penny. So it makes a certain amount of sense that Kim would be proud of her enhanced booty, along with the sideboob that she showed off on Instagram as well. Kardashian certainly believes in flaunting it, even if you had to enhance it first.

Kim's latest Instagram picture.
Showing Kanye where all that fat went.

But the amazing thing about Kim’s selfie, is not that she posted it. As we explained above, that is something that she does. The amazing thing is that Kanye West referenced the shot in his tweet, the one that said “heading home now.” For a man who steadfastly denies that he is a celebrity, he certainly spends a lot of time acting like one.

Twitter is the stomping ground of the rich and famous. West certainly falls into that category, despite his continual denial that he is a celeb. If he really was not part of the “glitterati” the paparazzi would not be camping on his doorstep.  The 36 year-old rapper/songwriter/producer vehemently argues that he is not a celebrity. He does not want the paparazzi to talk to him or take his picture. He is, a genius – his words, not ours – and wants to be taken seriously. He also wants to be seen as a nice guy.

If you don’t believe it, watch his appearance on mother-in-law-to-be Kris Jenner’s show where she talks about how different he is around the house. The implication being that he actually is a lot nicer  in private. You could also watch his appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel’s show, where he again attempts to present himself as a proud and loving father and husband. But, his actions speak louder than his declarations of image improvement.

Kanye may complain about people treating him like a celebrity, but if he really wants that to stop, he should change his lifestyle. Stop dating the reality television star with the enhanced booty and visible sideboob. The same girlfriend who specialises in Instagram selfies that she posts on Twitter for her fella and all her fans to look at. While Kim Kardashian’s new figure may not appeal to everyone, it obviously does to West, and the whole world knows it. That is what happens when you are a celebrity and live your life on Twitter.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom