‘What’s Your Excuse?’ Fitness Mom Maria Kang Should be Supported not Shamed

Ways to health and not excuses

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Maria Kang is a beautiful woman, she is toned and sported a picture with her three little ones. Above her read the simple “What’s Your Excuse?” motto. Kang had suffered an eating disorder previously, runs two businesses and balances her family. She should be admired for her stance on fitness, especially since she stated she does not have a nanny managing her kids. Kang issues a question that is not a first in the fitness industry. Fitness moguls have used the proclamation to demand responsibility from people across America. Yet, a working mom has been slammed on social media, accused of “fat-shaming.” Give it a break! Kang simply made a point that resonates and should resonate with millions, a point that should be supported and not shamed.

Kang deals with health and fitness with no frills
Kang deals with health and fitness with no frills

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention show the true statistics of weight issues in this country. More than one-third of the U.S. is weighed down by obesity. The cost for medical care and procedures relating to obese persons have exceeded $140 billion annually! Yet, the naysayers have struck down a woman who simply wielded her path to motivate others.

What further was disappointing? It was other women shooting down this rising example of empowerment, health and determination. Comments such as categorizing the fitness loving mama into a spoiled, rich brat was mentioned. Other snide comments called Kang “fake,” and a “bully” against fat people. The negativity drew additional remarks, taking away from the positive comments of other women and moms who cheered the beauty on. Kang made a point with a picture included to show the world, it can be done – she is clearly offering her support in the face of shameful comments against her healthy lifestyle.

Obesity is a severe issue in this country and it is predicted by 2020 more than 60 percent of Americans will suffer from this condition. While there are the factors relaying to health, further yet are the excuses for not working out. WebMD has pointed out excuses that individuals mostly use, advising the same conditions they use to excuse from working out, is exactly the same reasons they should be working out.

From time restraints, being tired, family obligations, being bored with routine and a lack of motivation leads the excuse train.  The Mayo Clinic has advised the general public that working out helps a person’s overall health, image and level of confidence. It also raises the endorphin and serotonin levels. Perhaps, those taking to the keyboard to slam Ms. Kang would find more happiness in doing bicep curls with light weights to create feel good hormones to rule their responses. This naturally draws discoveries to the benefits of exercise.

The picture that drew naysayers to slam the healthy mom
The picture that drew naysayers to slam the healthy mom

Exercise Fights Health Issues

Individuals looking to battle high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and arthritis can find relief in working out. It stimulates the good cholesterol known as HDL and provides a smooth process of blood flow to lower the chances of cardiovascular disease. Want to prevent or decrease the chances of metabolic syndrome, strokes or depression? A 10 minute walk will do wonders to the heart. If housebound, invest in light weights or air powered exercise machines.

Think Smarter Get Slimmer

Atop of the obvious benefit of dropping pounds, brain function can also drastically increase when working out on a regular basis. Exercise allows oxygen to improve its flow to the brain, in addition it can stimulate memory capture and assist in the growth of brain cells. These benefits are exceptional, especially for individuals who may have a predisposition for Alzheimers or dementia.

What is Your Excuse?

Weight Loss Resources out of the UK published a story on Maureen (linked at the end of this article.) Maureen has an incurable blood cancer and she is disabled, tethered to a wheelchair when she becomes too exhausted to walk from her illness. That did not stop Maureen from changing her habits. She started keeping a food journal and would walk outside, pushing her chair and not allowing it to dominate her life. She managed her weight and went from 182 pounds to 154 pounds at the age of 54.

There are countless other stories on the web and a simple search will locate a person with a similar health condition experienced by any one individual, who conquered the odds and created a healthier lifestyle. There are ways to conquer weight issues to battle health issues, to remove oneself from dependable medications.

Obesity numbers continue to climb. Making changes now can reduce these frightening numbers
Obesity numbers continue to climb. Making changes now can reduce these frightening numbers

Small Steps Equals Big Results

Small steps do equal giant results. Instead of eating a whole pizza, toss one slice away. The next time, toss two slices away. Instead of giving up on lifting weights, try a can of soup and curl it, then try the dumbbell. Each new step is a newer day to the newest development of self-reflection, confidence and endurance. For some, weight management is a life-long journey. Kang shows that much, she continues to work out, selecting feeling good and creating a longer life-span to watch her children grow healthy and happy.

Kang is not perfect, she never attested to be. She is a working mom, dealing with the stresses of motherhood, cravings she bends to at times while creating the ability to motivate women across the globe. Instead of fitness-shaming a mom who decided to make a change for the better, women across the globe should be uplifting her and asking advice instead of shaming her. The essence of empowerment is not making excuses, but of focusing on the bigger picture. Kang makes a simple and bold point when it comes to fitness and health, offering supporting advice; what is your excuse?


Angelina Bouc

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7 Responses to "‘What’s Your Excuse?’ Fitness Mom Maria Kang Should be Supported not Shamed"

  1. Mandy   November 26, 2013 at 2:53 pm

    It seems that society is embracing mediocrity instead of striving for excellence,

  2. chris   October 17, 2013 at 11:16 pm

    I say – how lucky are her Sons?!

  3. Not Inspired By Fake   October 17, 2013 at 5:36 pm

    She doesn’t have a disclaimer on the photo that she got breast implants, was a bodybuilder, posed in such a way that her pregnancy tummy was tucked in, and that she was photoshopped.

    What’s her excuse?

    • Angelina Bouc   October 17, 2013 at 5:54 pm

      You can also see Ms. Kang’s Facebook page is open to the public. She is real about her results and looks amazing. Regardless, what she does to her breasts doesn’t matter compared to the results of her overall body. Breast implants doesn’t attribute to the weight loss and hard work she endured. Health is the basic fundamental. Thanks for the comment!

    • jon   October 23, 2013 at 1:31 pm

      Not inspired by fatties who now push their “be a proud fatty” agenda.


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