Mandela: Reporting His Death and the Search for the Truth

Nelson Mandela
The Las Vegas Guardian Express began reporting Nelson Mandela’s death June 26 and our search for the truth began immediately; not the truth of whether or not the former South African President was dead, for, of that report, we were already certain, but the truth behind why his death was being covered up. That search continues, but nothing we have uncovered leads us to suspect that Madiba still lives.

The timeline of how and why we reported the event has been recounted in several articles in this publication. In short; a text message was received by one of our South African correspondents, Laura Oneale, stating that Mandela had just died. According to the message, sent by an employee of the South African Broadcasting Company (SABC), the anti-Apartheid crusader had passed away sometime late in the day of June 25. During a hastily convened editorial meeting, it was decided that a select team of reporters and editors would begin to search for further information and work on one or more stories, reporting the man’s death and recounting his life.

In truth, the team was not completely of one mind, regarding how quickly we should release the news; erroneous media reports of Mandela’s death had been published in the past, followed by hasty retractions and apologies. Nevertheless, our source was exceptionally well-placed and there was no reason whatsoever to believe that this source would have even considered providing us with this information without being absolutely certain; the repercussions, after all, would have been too enormous. Within hours, therefore, we had published two articles announcing that Nelson Mandela had died.

Admittedly, we began second-guessing ourselves but came to the decision that to retract when we had found no evidence that Mandela was still alive ran counter to both our commitment to journalistic integrity and to our self-appointed mission of speaking the truth, no matter how unpleasant, unwanted or politically incorrect.

LVGE Editor Michael Smith outside Mandela's hospital
Las Vegas Guardian Express Editor Michael Smith outside Nelson Mandela’s Pretoria hospital

Having determined that our information was correct, we nevertheless embarked upon a search for the truth behind the cover-up of Mandela’s death. Our founder and publisher, DiMarkco Chandler, made the decision to send one of our top writer/editors to South Africa on a fact-finding mission. UK-Based Michael Smith travelled to South Africa on July 25 and, together with Laura Oneale, met with our original source and others in an attempt to piece together what was happening and why Madiba’s passing was being kept a secret. He returned with intriguing leads and an audio recording of a telephone conversation between a government security contractor and an officer of the South African Defense Force (SADF). Part of this audio was published here. The one statement in this recording which took us by surprise was the SADF officer’s assertion that Mandela had actually passed away on June 11; according to this source, Mandela had suffered total organ failure and was pronounced brain-dead – this came, apparently, from the chief doctor at the Pretoria hospital to which Mandela had been admitted June 8, to be treated for a recurring lung infection.

In the meantime, back in the United States, the Las Vegas Guardian Express website had been subjected to more than one cyber-attack. According to our IT expert, the ‘Denial of Service’ attack – which twice took down the site – had almost certainly originated in South Africa. This merely confirmed our suspicions that we were onto a story that many did not want told. It is only reasonable to assume that, had Nelson Mandela still been alive, our publication would have quickly found itself the recipient of a legal cease and desist order – almost certainly followed by a lawsuit – since, by this time, we had published additional articles that all contained the assertion that the South African icon was no longer with us. Rather than demand a retraction and apology, however, the South African authorities, it seems, attempted to prevent anyone from reading our reports. These incidents merely furthered our resolve; clearly, there was something to hide.

As we began to look into the activities of the Mandela family – particularly, their attempts to gain control of Madiba’s ZAR127 million (approximately $12.5 million) trust – we realized that his death may not have been announced because a dead man can’t be sued for his money. Our audio tape appeared to confirm this. Current South African President Jacob Zuma continued to put out statements that Mandela was “critical, but stable”. Even after it was revealed, by court documents, that Mandela’s doctors had declared him brain-dead and had advised the family to authorize the turning off of the life support machines, Zuma issued a statement denying this. It is very interesting to note that the doctors themselves made no statement; they were not allowed to speak with the media, in fact. Zuma said that the doctors denied saying Mandela was brain-dead. The world’s media reported this as the doctors themselves denying that they had made the prognosis, which was not actually true.

As the weeks went by, no-one other than Zuma and the Mandela family had access to the former leader. Even US President Barack Obama had not been able to see Mandela when he visited the country. Had Mandela still been responsive at that time, as family members had been saying, it is almost certain that the leader of the most powerful nation on Earth would have been granted an audience – however brief.

The Las Vegas Guardian Express became the target of many critics. Although our articles drew many comments from ordinary South Africans who obviously believed what we were reporting – or were at least prepared to accept that we were probably telling the truth – we received many more from people who were disgusted that we continued to report Mandela’s death. We, however, were on a search for the truth; our detractors, by contrast, were merely choosing to believe what the South African authorities were reporting and what was being said in the international media – and those media reports were, themselves, nothing more than reflections of the official statements.

Our publication has been accused of cynically reporting Mandela’s death merely to attract readers and, therefore, financial profit. Such claims are preposterous, since we had dispatched a senior editor to South Africa at a cost that equaled the revenue being generated by all of our Mandela articles combined; although the Las Vegas Guardian Express is a rapidly-rising star in the media universe, we do not yet command the volume of readership that would have enabled us to garner enormous profits from our reporting. Our publication is less than two years old and is a platform for citizen journalism; our decision to report Mandela’s passing – and maintain our position, refusing to retract – could have destroyed the reputation we are building. In short, it was a decision that could have snuffed out our fledgling media site. The risk we took – together with the financial expenses we incurred – far outweigh any profits we have seen from our reporting of this story.

Our South African correspondent, Laura Oneale – a lady who, clearly, cares deeply about her country and its future – was singled out for victimization in sections of the South African media. There are, however, no major media outlets in South Africa that report anything other than that which the authorities approve; South Africa may be, technically, a Democracy, but it is still ruled by those who are Communists at heart and exercise total control, where possible. Whilst it would be unfair to say that the South African media does not dare criticize Zuma or the ruling ANC, their reporting is not totally independent of official influence.

Following Mandela’s ‘discharge’ from hospital, Oneale became the target of scathing reports in South African publications; these reports were bordering on libelous and the publications in question should have been ashamed, particularly since they, themselves, did not have one shred of evidence that Mandela still lived. They were merely repeating the official story, that this 95-year-old man – who had suffered total organ failure and was pronounced brain-dead – was, more than three months later, still allegedly in “critical, but stable, condition” – something that defies almost every law of medical science.

It is, in fact, not entirely beyond the realm of possibility that Mandela was dead and buried sometime in June, although the Las Vegas Guardian Express does not claim to have any definite proof of this, beyond small pieces of circumstantial evidence. On June 26 – the day that the Las Vegas Guardian Express reported Mandela’s passing, the Mandela family and government officials reportedly gathered in Qunu, Mandela’s home. A new access road to the Mandela house was being hastily constructed and a digger was working on a grave. It seems beyond doubt that preparations had begun in earnest for the icon’s burial, but what actually transpired is not clear. It is worth noting that these events took place before the conclusion of the Mandela family court battle to relocate the remains of the deceased Mandela children, so the grave that was being prepared was not for any of them.

More than three months have now passed since we brought Nelson Mandela’s death to the world. In that time, not one media organization can claim to have irrefutable, first-hand proof that Mandela still lives; neither the Mandela family, nor the South African government, have provided any proof that he remains a living, functioning human being.

We have never attempted to disrespect Mandela’s name or legacy. We recognize his imperfections and acknowledge that there are those who liked neither the man nor his ideology. Regardless, we humbly submit that he achieved remarkable things. We have never presumed to pass judgement upon him, nor blindly worship him. We have merely reported what no-one else has dared to report: That he has passed away and that his family and government continue to pretend otherwise, for their own gain.

We, at this point, would still, obviously, be willing to retract our reports; our integrity means more to our team than suffering the embarrassment of admitting that we were wrong. That situation, however, will not come to pass. It is time for the South African government and the living relatives of Nelson Mandela to end this charade and announce the man’s passing. If they will not do that, it is time for them to provide media access to Mandela. We do not expect the man to suffer the indignity of being surrounded by a gaggle of reporters and photographers; a short, private audience with a member of our staff would suffice. No photographs, no questions; merely an opportunity for a trusted individual to say that they have seen Mandela with their own eyes and that he remains alive.

Without such a request being granted, we maintain that we reported his death accurately and we continue to search for the truth.

An editorial by Graham J Noble on behalf of the Las Vegas Guardian Express staff.

162 thoughts on “Mandela: Reporting His Death and the Search for the Truth

    1. We are saying they kept it a secret for whatever reason. One or two of my colleagues have suggested that it was being kept a secret for the elections. I always thought it was more about the fight over the estate and perhaps Zuma playing some games. The truth is, we never quite understood WHY it was being covered up (hence: search for the truth).

  1. Well Mr Noble your wish has been granted….The South African President has just announced the death of Nelson Mandela. Official time 23:55 5 December 2013

  2. How did a politically motivated article end up being a forum for racial slur and idiocy?
    WTF is wrong with all of you people (yes white and black)….
    The Gardian Express has reported based on factual information from contacts with our Country. Apart from what is being told by our own Government and media (influenced by our Government), there is no evidence to show otherwise…. in which case they have stated that they will retract their story and issue an apology.

    Are we not supposed to be a democracy?

    Why are some of you ignorant idiots using this to motivate racist behaviour…. this was not an article about colour, it was about political motivated agenda’s…. whatever they may be.

    It is change that we South Africans most fear… and that fear is portrayed through racism because it is a comfort zone for many. The ones who complain and attack most are the ones who do nothing to make this a better place.

    Instead of ranting and making racist comments, why dont you idiots (of all colours) do something positive to make a change for the better in our Country… we are ALL responsible for where we are and it is time that we ALL start living up to Madiba’s legacy which has no agenda,

    1. WTF you are correct. How did this reporting of Madiba’s death become such a racial issue. People are seriously insane to blow this story out of proportion.

      1. This article proves what? Winnie Mandela was, and is, a truly evil human being – partly the reason she is Nelson Mandela’s FORMER wife. Now, you provide a link to an article that presents not one shred of proof that what she has said is true and, yet, you hold this up a proof that we are wrong?

        Truly laughable.

        1. Well then how can you claim in your Headline that you search for the truth when you have already decided what the truth should be? You have already made up your mind and to hell with the truth.

          1. Abu,

            Here is the most reasonable way in which I can answer your question – although I doubt that reason is something with which you are concerned, since you have obviously already made up your mind that we are wrong:

            We have constantly sought proof that Mandela is still alive, or proof that he is dead. Everything we have uncovered tells us the latter.

            Since we are one of the only media outlets in the world continuing to report that he is dead, it is vital to us that we continue to monitor reports about him and ensure that, if any evidence were presented that he is still alive, we are aware of it. As I stated in this article, our integrity is more important to us than suffering the embarrassment of admitting we were wrong. Given absolute, undeniable PROOF that he is still alive, we would have to quickly publish an article painfully detailing our own contrition.

            That, however, is a situation that will not arise: We can continue our search for the ‘truth’, but there is not a medical professional on Earth who will tell you that it’s possible for a 95-year-old man who has been declared to be in a permanent vegetative state (and there is no denying this – the court documents prove he was described as such) can – several months later – recover.

            The only way it is possible for one to say that Mandela is still ‘alive’ is if you define ‘life’ as having four life-support machines performing the functions of a body that is no longer capable of performing them unassisted. Medical professionals will tell you that a person can be kept ‘alive’ in this condition for years. Ask them, however, if that person is actually alive and has any chance of recovery and – I assure you – they will tell you “no.”

          2. Abu, you are obviously blinded by your own wishful thinking that he is still alive. Come election time and the ANC is loosing, they will pronounce Mandela’s death to delay the obvious outcome and unfortunately the bloodbath that Julius Malema and his EFF party has promised. So, only time will tell.

      2. Abu, the reporting has always been factual to the extent that the facts were available. Have u not been paying attention? It is indeed pitiful that you are either so mentally challenged or brainwashed to clutch at the crap that is the official line, be it from Winnie, Zuma or that hollow vessel of his former self, Mac Maharaj
        Dan Slabbert, Durban, SA

  3. I also think the announcement of Mandela’s ‘death’ is being postponed until after the elections. The reason is clear. The ANC supporters think they vote for Mandela. If he is not here, why would they vote? The government is really pulling the wool over our eyes and it’s followers are falling for it. Wake up South Africa! Not everybody in this country is STUPID! How sad that the ANC have to rely on a ‘dead’ person to claim victory next year. SHAME on you!!!!!!

  4. Mandela is in a deep vegetative state and being hidden at home hooked up to life-support equipment and a team of medical staff attending to him — compare the case of Arial Sharon (see Wikipedia article). He could ‘live’ on in this state for ten years. There is a widespread superstition among all races that his actual death will remove some kind of invisible protection and bring down disaster on everyone. The ANC’s reasons for hiding the truth is are as simple is this.

    The South African media — probably out of the media bosses’ concern for the financial cost of revealing the truth — are now part and parcel of this conspiracy of silence.

    The biggest gift that the international media can give South Africans is to penetrate the veil of silence and tell the truth in big black capital letters.

  5. Madiba is the trademark of the ANC. They dragged this poor ill icon to all the rallies during the last elections and now will not even allow him to RIP. I concur with all the reporting which is that he is on life supporting equipment or definitely dead.

  6. Reason Mandela’s death has not been announced and will not be announced until April 2014 (After the 2014 general elections) :

    The ANC is aiming for a 66% to 70% majority vote in next year’s elections. If they manage to get the majority vote of 67% and above, they can alter / amend the South African constitution any way they like i.e. Nationalization of the mines, protection of information, land reform without compensation, etc, etc.

    Now you ask why delay the announcement…
    More than 60% of the ANC’s supporters still believe they are voting for Mandela when they make their cross next to the ANC’s emblem. They believe (cause that is what they are being told) that if the DA should win the elections, the “Boer” will rule the country and apartheid will be re-introduced..

    The reality is, the ANC is only using Mandela’s legacy to fool their voters into voting for a corrupt and clearly failing government that has long ago deviated from the ANC that Mandela fought for…
    The only way to get your voters to vote for you is by telling them a blatant lie….

  7. Ask Carte Blanch to investigate if he is alive or dead, maybe they can find the truth, although I think this is speculation

    1. Reason Mandela’s death has not been announced and will not be announced until April 2014 (After the 2014 general elections) :

      The ANC is aiming for a 66% to 70% majority vote in next year’s elections. If they manage to get the majority vote of 67% and above, they can alter / amend the South African constitution any way they like i.e. Nationalization of the mines, protection of information, land reform without compensation, etc, etc.

      Now you ask why delay the announcement…
      More than 60% of the ANC’s supporters still believe they are voting for Mandela when they make their cross next to the ANC’s emblem. They believe (cause that is what they are being told) that if the DA should win the elections, the “Boer” will rule the country and apartheid will be re-introduced..

      The reality is, the ANC is only using Mandela’s legacy to fool their voters into voting for a corrupt and clearly failing government that has long ago deviated from the ANC that Mandela fought for…
      The only way to get your voters to vote for you is by telling them a blatant lie….

  8. My opinion is that a we could focus on a man’s life rather that his death. We are all so busy in our every day lives and we find ways to keep our minds of our problems with for ex. conspiracy theories or other’s supposedly bigger problems. Every life is special. Madela was a great dude. The day he supposedly died is not of importance. Talk about his legacy, his positive impact he made all over the world, the mouths that are fed every day through his funds.

  9. Actually, Karlmann, we must be grateful when Americans, or any foreigners, help us to distinguish right from wrong.

    In the same spirit we South Africans must insist that Americans tell us why they believe their government’s highly improbable conspiracy theory about the terror attacks on 11 September 2001.

    Just as we should be concerned about the truth of the “official” feedback about Mandela’s condition, we should also question the “official” 9/11 story.

    After all, we’re slowly but surely entering Marshall McLuhan’s “Global Village”!

    And villagers share and share alike — also information and theories.

    — Leon
    [email protected]

  10. I don’t believe that his death will bring a genocide of white people but it will impact vastly on the country financially and politically. I believe that if alive and capable of speaking out Mandela would greatly disapprove as to the state of our leaders and their behaviour. He stood for liberating our country not financially destroying it the way they are doing now. Our government has let its people down people live in poverty while our leaders are not only living the high life but totally abusing the country financially.

  11. Racists always utter their nonsense anonymously — because they’re cowards.

    Like “Die WOL” they know pretty well their irrational outbursts wil be overruled by solid facts, and they are too scared to suffer the shame of being revealed as a fool with their real name.

    So they jump from pseudonym to pseudonym.

    There’s no excuse for not knowing the facts — you only have to google!

    Start by googling “whites are less likely to be murdered than any other race in South Africa”.

    Maybe the truth will set you free from your cowardice.

    You’ll also see that the present murder rate of whites in SA is lower than murder rates for whites between 1979 and 1991, thus Die Wol’s good ol’ apartheid years . . .

    Leon van den Berg
    7 Beatty Street

  12. When will you arrogant and hypocritical Americans finally stop to teach and tell other nations about “right or wrong” and “truth or lies” let alone “good or evil”. What are you
    trying to find, a ” Madibagate” or something like that? Even if there is one it would be ours and not yours.
    The US have done more than enough already for Africa and the Africans but for sure not to its advantage

  13. There is no need for the racism to continue. It’s not all doom and gloom in South Africa. I love it here and I believe that we have a great country. I do not agree with ignorant comments being posted about black people hating white people etc. we no longer live in that South Africa. Move your thoughts to something more positive and you’ll live a much happier life.

  14. Maybe everybody out
    there must get some real truths regarding the plight of all white South Africans and how many of us are being slaughtered on a daily basis, open your eyes and then judge. I attach the following link for your information, it is a never ending slaughter over here….

    1. So true. Whites are slaughtered especially farmers and the murders happen every day, but never reported by the media. Its a disgrace and will only get worse, nobody wants to help. Each country has its own problems and cannot help the few million whites who live in fear. People say leave and go live somewhere else. How can a family who dont have funds move, or the farmer who owns land and works to feed his people go? It might sound easy to say that but in reality its not always possible. Mandela is dead and Zuma wont admit to this or any of the other pressing matters, such as the money given to his son or spent on his home. Only after the election and securing his position for another five years, will the truth be told. Thanks for the link, its so true.

  15. I think the people commenting above should gets some facts straight
    Black people (as you all refer to) are not all barbarians and certainly don’t go around
    targeting the Whites in South Africa – Yes there is crime in SA but colour and gender
    don’t make a difference when it comes to rape murder etc.
    You need to live here to see what is going down

    1. I do live here!!! You certainly dont read about whites killing blacks ON A DAILY BASIS!!! Wake up fool!!!!!!!

  16. What is the Guardian Express? Certainly not a well known entity outside of the world of the USA. You are so arrogant to think you should be allowed to go and check if Mandela is still alive. Get a live. What does it matter if the man is dead or alive. To suggest that Obama should have been allowed to visit a critical ill man is an absolute joke. Get a live, you are an embarresment for your country.

    Yes there is a lot of crime in South African, just as there is in the USA as well. The majority of white and black South Africans get on well. Yes politicians are politicians wether it is a Zuma or Obama and you get dooms dayers in SA, just as you get then in the USA.

  17. Once his death is announced there is war in South Africa.The black people is waiting for the truth,then they will kill all the white people.

    1. That’s what everyone thought when Mandela was realeased from prison. All the white people gathering food and going into hiding. Do you live in South Africa? Maybe if you do then you should get out now!

    2. Alida, you are too alarmist — this is what many whites said in 1994 before the first elections … and nothing happened. Absolutely nothing — except that on the day of the election not a single crime was reported anywhere in the country. Black South Africans have never turned on Whites — when there was violence, as in the run-up to 1994, it was exclusively Black-on-Black — and mostly Zulu on Zulu, I regret to say.

  18. You make a very compelling argument which one who is in pursuit of the truth cannot ignore. After reading your article – I just realized that as South African I know nothing beyond what you have stated above, I am in the dark also about this issue. However it would not be the first time for a government to cover up something this big, The US government does it everyday. When those tasked with the cover up are ready – they will release the news to the rest of the world. Unlike most cover ups, this story will not go longer than 12 months from now… we have a better chance of finding out soon about Madiba than we do of Area 51…

  19. The whites are already being systematically wiped out, either by leaving the country or by murder. The murders are not simple kill by shooting, they invade your home while you sleep, cut the husbands throat, rape the wife (often more than once) in front of your children then cut the childrens throat or in many cases rape and then drown your children in a bath of boiling hot water etc… This is never reported on main stream broadcasts, but rather through family and friends on social networks. The black Africans hate all whites not just SA whites and will never stop until this is a failed state as examples in the rest of Africa has proven.

  20. who gives a hoot……..we got enough on our plates here ,than to worry about some anc dude that headed up a terrorist organisation and gave the go ahead on many atrocities….tit for tat……the living here,black and white still have to sort out the legacy the blacks and whites from that era left us with…..a major mess

      1. Nope Samantha, saw the theater version already and it should have been short walk to rope for that animal.

  21. Now why would anyone delay announcing his death ? South African Estate Law allows for legal recourse against his estate so no financial motive, the ANC would milk the Mandela sentiment for all it was worth in the 2014 elections, it’s human nature to forgive a lot in times of grief, so they would use it to work for them, not against, Obama would have had a magnificent opportunity to emote all over the world stage. No, it doesn’t make sense on any level for them to have kept his death a secret. And as for the SA media being pro ANC ….. bwahahahahaha. Mail and Guardian ( no link to this Guardian thankfully), Carte Blanche and even good old News24 to name but 3, all publish anti ANC, Zuma etc articles all the time. Westville T Shirt story left the ANC blustering but unable to do anything. Com’on Mr Noble, you’re just trying to make a name for yourself – admit it! And as for calling for proof, I think the fact that no-one is responding is evidence enough of how little credence they give you. By your own admission you’re a minor publication. My take on it is – you are playing into right wing fears and sentiments in an effort to get some attention. Lastly, it is in very poor taste and not to mention extremely bad mannered in all cultures, to try and preempt the family’s announcement of a death. Even in the USA and the UK.

    1. The Mandela family are fond of taking legal action…even against their own; this, everyone knows. If Nelson Mandela were still alive, do you not think the family would have been so offended that we continue to report that he’s dead that they would have taken legal action action against us by now….even just a “cease and desist” letter from their attorneys? Of course they would. They have not done so, however.

      I rest my case.

  22. The South African general elections are coming up in 2014 – a large amount of the black South African population continue to vote for the ANC because of the difference Mandela made 20 years ago and they somehow still believe he has something to do with the ANC. I very much doubt that Madiba’s death will be announced before elections as I reckon many ANC votes will be lost along with the announcement.
    It scares me to think: if they’re willing to lie about his death, will our elections honestly be fair?

  23. Conspiracy theories as usual nobody here has solid proof until i have proof i have no comment he could be dead or alive.

  24. They built a so called specialized facility at his Houghton home to take care of him ! Maybe it is a freezer room ? My thoughts anyway ! They were not ready to maximize profits from his death !

    1. Exactly, this newspaper got it right first time round. This article is all about their greed, corruption and conspiracy. The Zuma goverment are in cahoots with the Mandela family. The old man is dead, they were not ready to deal with this and need to keep him alive for their own agenda.

  25. I might be wrong, but I don’t think that most of the white people in South Africa realy care whether President Nelson Mandela i alive or dead..
    Johann Vandenberg, Johannesburg

    1. You are most definitely wrong. Typical. Turning it into a black and white thing. Opinions are opinions but don’t speak for me or pretend to know what us “white people in South Africa” are thinking.

      1. Agreed, Anne. We all cared about Madiba, but find the whole cover up distasteful and sad that in his death he was not given the honour he so truly deserved.

    2. There are many white people who cared about Mandela but are quite disgusted at the way he has been treated in death. He should have been given the honour he deserved and allowed to die with dignity. Instead, his death has been a complete farce and people are over it and have moved on with their lives.

  26. I am wondering why my comment (5 November) about the actual hidden agenda of the ANC has not made it?

  27. I think you should start a petition on AVAAZ, demanding from the South African Government proof that the world deserves to know the truth. Mr Mandela’s dignity and respect should be shown, and by hiding the truth, his family – together with the SA government – at totally disregarding his dignity and respect. Money is the route to many evil deeds and selfless greed, especially thriving within the political spheres of South Africa and its current leader(s).

  28. The ANC will announce his death just before the election next year. They want the sympathy vote. That’s my theory. ….

  29. If he is dead, he got what he deserved. No public display or mourning for this terrorist and his political party that has spilled blood for decades. Banned before 1990 for terror bombings and killings. I still cannot believe that he was praised for what he did. Wake up, he had blood on his hands from innocent people. His wife, Winnie approved killings of their own race. ANC [ his party ] is breaking down and destroying this beautiful country for their own pockets. Wake up world, you have been deceived all this time.

    1. of cause he is dead, there is no doubt about that. but why hiding it, only the ANC will know the motif. Must be something that will be of benefit to them.
      I agree wholeheartedly with James, people must wake up and do some research before they put somebody on a pedestal. – worth reading
      His own people’s lips were cut out when they spoke against communism as well as many dreadful terosist attacks.

  30. If we lied to from our own government about mandela being alive that doesnt say much for our government we need the truth an if mandela is not alive the government should be abolished immediatly how we suppose to be run by people that lie an steal unacceptable, we entitled to the truth now………

  31. I just want to know why it would be kept a secret people love public holidays in africa

  32. I find it funny that certain people have justified their belief that Mandela is dead by saying that they have spoken to their black friend, or a black taxi driver or their domestic worker, who confirm he isn’t alive any more.
    Does a black person have any further information than a white person?
    Somehow to them this is now conclusive evidence that he is dead, because a black person said so. I find this hilarious.

    I think the rest of the comments are valid, there actually is no concrete prove either way.

    As to whether I think he is alive or dead, I have no idea…

    1. I believe he is dead, definitely brain dead and kept alive on machines for political reasons only. It does not suit the ANC to announce his death, Facts speak for themselves. The large motor vehicle contingency leaving the Pretoria Hospital late June, looked suspicious. I wonder what the white panel van was for among all the VIP blue light cars. I wonder why nobody has seen old Madiba and I wonder why not?? I wonder why since his move from hospital to his Houghton home, more than two months ago, so few updates about his condition are given??? It is manipulation and that is that. This government and Mandela family will never admit the truth; they would lose too much if they did. His December 2012 hospital admission was the beginning of his death.

  33. I think most of us in South Africa believe Mandela is dead. Whether he has been buried or not is debatable. Who knows, with our corrupt government and his corrupt family, how far they will stretch the truth for their own gain.

    However, would his greedy, vainglorious family have denied themselves the pomp and ceremony of being centre stage in a State funeral? To have arranged a small and inconspicuous burial would have been against everything their *culture* stands for.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t put it past them to have him kept on ice until they fight out who will benefit. in which way, from his death. It would certainly be advantageous to the ANC for their people to believe he still lives until after their election, as well.

    I doubt whether his wife, Graca, would have much say in the matter, when faced with the entire Mandela family and the government making the decisions.

  34. Wake up people, Even though the Apartheid Goverment was wrong in many ways, there was one thing they were right about! The biggest enemy any country could face… Communism. Read the words here. The cold war ended with russia and china on top and commies on top, the third would was on the agenda and the Africans still loose in the end. Wake up!!!

  35. What made the late Nelson Mandela great, was not something supernatural — it was his ordinary humaneness, including mistakes.

    Madiba was what Christ called “the salt of the earth” — and to remain just that while knowing the world’s attention was on him, is what’s meant by “Madiba Magic”.

    Mandela dit not cause or create the “rainbow nation”, he merely coined the phrase.

    He new his fellow South Africans of all colours, and complimented them with “rainbow nation”, referring to harmonising colours.

    And on the first day of majority rule in 1994, the people of SA returned the compliment by acting like the rainbow nation which he identified in us.

    We don’t deserve the evil presidency that’s now manipulating the late Mandela’s legacy for whatever personal reasons . . .

    — Leon van den Berg (Johannesburg)

      1. Thanks for the correction, Gavin.

        So my third paragraph must be changed and extended to read:

        Mandela dit not cause, create or even coin the “rainbow nation”.

        He did, however, elaborate on the phrase, coined by Desmond Tutu, in his first month as South African president with these words:

        “Each of us is as intimately attached to the soil of this beautiful country as are the famous jacaranda trees of Pretoria and the mimosa trees of the bushveld — a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world.”

        Both these Nobel Peace Prize winners — Tutu in 1984 and Madiba in 1993 (sharing it with F.W. de Klerk) — expressed their feeling about ordinary South Africans, a feeling that was confirmed in the streets on the first day of SA majority rule in 1994.

        — Leon van den Berg

    1. What utter nonsense to bring Christ into a discussion where the likes of Mandela is discussed. Mandela is a terrorist whether his blind followers want to believe it or not. Whether he is dead or alive, well it is not important, it will happen sooner or later because that is the way all people go. I just cannot believe that white South Africans can even think of honoring him in any way. He was lucky not to be executed at the time of his incarcination. I pity all the blind people that think he is a saint.

  36. I was at school when Mandela was released and, being young and influential, was completely swept along by the fear and hatred of the generation before me. However, I soon found that Mandela was an individual completely deserving of more respect that any leader we’d had before. It was not possible for him to right all the wrongs that occurred in the Apartheid Era, but he certainly went a long way in bringing us closer as a nation than we had ever been before (or since). His biggest mistake was his choice of leaders to take his place… If he has truly left us, then may he finally rest in peace. He was a great man and deserves to go with dignity, something the leaders of the country unfortunately do not seem to care about. Can they even spell the word?

  37. Every person on this planet has a duty to fulfill in some way or another.
    We are the population of the planet all of us as one group of human beings, I think Mandela was a bit short sighted when he called South Africa The Rainbow Nation as we are just a drop in the ocean when you think about how many people are roaming this wonderful planet……..!
    Today we are going through a rough time but I suppose we need to go through that to appreciate the good times that lie ahead. When I look at a man I see a man not a black man or and Indian or Chinese man I see a man, if we all lift our hands and cut our wrists we bleed red blood just like the person next to us !! I believe one day soon the men and woman who have allowed the people we supposedly elected to run our world are going to wake up and say no more !!
    We are the population of the planet so how is it that we have allowed our civil servants to miss lead us and segregate us like they have ?
    How did we the population of the planet allow a few narrow minded greedy people to turn our world upside down ?
    The world is crying about the petrol price……………!! STOP DRIVING !! But lets all stand together if we feel prices are inflated stop paying !!!!
    If we the population of the planet had to stand together as a nation of humans forget about your colour or race think only as a human being and the person next to you…………. If we all stopped paying tax would they jail us all if we had to stand together
    in peace in hope of a better future of a better life for our children what could they do ?

    How can you make another persons day better ? that’s up to you to decide.

    All you men and woman fighting wars is what your doing right ? All you men and woman protecting the innocent are you doing your best ? All you leaders of the world you civil servants the people we are paying with our taxes to look after us ………………….ARE YOU DOING YOUR BEST ??????
    Now ask yourself Am I doing my best?
    Because your part of this world too ! I think its time you sat down and had a rethink of what your doing Because I promise you one day you will have to answer for your actions !!!! The world is waking up to your nonsense and were going to put a stop to it one way or another . I vote the good people around the world who want change lets not talk about world peace lets make the change Do you know how easy it will be ………………………!!!!! choose one day a month like the 1st day of every month put down your weapons and take a deep breath stop driving…………. think of who you are and what you want for your home……………and your family here on mother earth because remember I am you and you are me and together we make this great big family …………. We have the internet we have camera’s we have you tube !!! record it be free enjoy life change your perception learn to love everyone equally again and the world will flourish and all that boils down to is acceptance …………….!!!! We have to accept each other the way we are allow everyone to be the way they want to be we are all unique !!!!
    All you aliens come out I’m sure the world is ready for you !!
    We will accept anything if it meant harmony around the world !!!
    Barack Obama you have an eternity waiting for you I hope you make the right choices !
    Oprah Winfrey you too have an eternity Waiting, your influence could change the world why has it not ? That goes for you too Ellen ! All you people who could make a positive change why have you not ? all of you who made a profit off the human race and did not give back what was the point ? we are born into this world with nothing we are going to leave with nothing so why accumulate wealth ?
    Speak out people because the people we are letting run our society are doing a bad job for us ………………!!!!
    I learnt the art of bringing people together when I was 15 years old I started playing music I became a DJ 20 years later I have realized that on a dance floor we the population of the planet can come together.
    In a club Called 330 I learnt a very valuable lesson about people and how their title meant nothing……………!! When you walked through that door you went in as an equal never above never below any other person we all had one goal and that was to have as much fun as we could in the 12 -18 hours we had to be there or until we were forced out ! fun smile dance that’s all we wanted imagine a world like that ? now look at yourself and make that change because it all starts with you or me depending on how your reading this !!! Every Mother Every Father around the world that gets to read this till here look at your children and ask yourself if your doing your best for your child? and if your not how can you change it ? its easy to be negative all the time it takes an amazing person to always be positive …………………. YOU ARE AMAZING IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE !!! you just have to realize it ……….!!! if you have had your hand in the demise of the human race you have an eternity to think about it so best you start thinking now because you have time to fix your mistakes even time to repent ! as a DJ I love to see people smile and dance so I would give up 1 day a month to get family back in love As a human I would love to see the world flourish, Hate has proven to be so negative so lets let LOVE take a chance go hug a tree smile say hello practice being nice to the people around you and the world will change over night …………. I have 2 sayings I personally live by One is “PERSEVERANCE IS 100% SELF CONTROL” and the other “IF YOU CANT BE THE BEST HUMAN BEING YOU CAN BE WHATS THE POINT OF BEING ALIVE” now in saying that we have all made mistakes but we can change all we have to do is want to ! My name is Brett Austin I look forward to meeting you on the dance floor……………. LOVE TO YOU ALL

  38. I will not be surprised if this has something to do with next year’s elections. If Mandela is indeed not alive then millions of people will not vote for the ANC. It will be in their interests to keep him alive until the elections is over.

    1. christo, you have hit the nail on the head….As soon as the elections are over then Mandela will suddenly “die”. All I can say is it is disgusting that they do not let Mandela go with the peace and dignity that he rightly deserves

  39. I’m sorry if this comes across as rude or disrespectful but that article should be titled ”No.1 Conspiracy Theory of 2013” because there was not a single bit of rock hard evidence in that article. Only supposed Text messages which were the basis of your original article, hear-say, and word of mouth. A maid, taxi driver or co-worker saying Mr Mandela is dead means absolutely nothing. I’m not sure you know this but, there is another conspiracy Theory involving Mr Mandela. A Number of South Africans actually believe he died whilst he was imprisoned on Robben-Island and that the man we all know as Mandela isn’t actually Mandela. That theory is just as crazy as yours. Mandela has powerful and respected friends all over the world who wouldn’t stand for this. One I should mention is Desmond Tutu who has previously shown his disapproval of how the ANC and the Government are running this country so you can’t say he is the Government’s puppet. Secondly the South African media would not sit back and watch this go down. Your claim that the ANC and government controls what happens in the media are unsupported, the ANC and government are on the wrong side of the barrel of the media’s gun almost everyday. TV Shows like Carte Blanche, 3RD Degree and many newspapers if not all prove that.. Yes the Government has influence on 1 or 2 newspapers and tv shows because they get funding from the Government, which happens in almost every country in the world. You said in a comment, believing Mandela is still alive because there is no funeral is silly. My response to that is: believing he is dead because there is no evidence is still alive is the same as believing you don’t have a brain because No’one has seen it… (No offence, just proving my point).
    Your article is very well written and I believe you are an amazing (very skilled) writer, however you haven’t backed these claims up with proper physical evidence, only hear-say.
    I believe this article was just justification of your original article, into which very little research was put in.

    1. So, your point is that there is absolutely no evidence that Mandela was brain-dead? So, the court documents and the statement from a government official which stated this were merely fiction and simply didn’t happen?


    2. Honestly Nicky, WAKE UP FOR GOD’S SAKE! It’s people like you that will continue to vote for the scum that’s preventing us from actually moving forward with our hopes and dreams for SA! God help us all! When you all open your eyes to the corruption and deceipt that YOUR CHOSEN GOVERNMENT is bestowing upon you, then, and only then, do we stand a chance of a BETTER SOUTH AFRICA FOR ALL!

  40. We had a prophet who lived at the beginning of the 1900’s. A gentleman by the name of See-er van Rensburg.. He predicted a very big statesman will die in the shadow of the Union Buildings. The hospital that Mandela resided in is in the shadow of the Union Buildings.
    Deduct your own conclusion from this. By the way, See-er van Rensburg has not been proven wrong until today.

  41. 🙂 You guys should read/listen to Allan Watts.
    He can teach how funny our oneup-manship and “the light must win” argument is.

  42. Graham. Would you be kind enough to ‘change’ my own name to Anonymous? Wasn’t aware it was an option when I opened my big mouth! ..Is this possible??

  43. his wife appears to be a sane rational and lovely woman…she would not be part of a cover up for financial gain….as the wife of Mandela i feel certain she would be the first person to announce his death….

    1. Graca Mandela bravely agreed to pull the plug on another relative whose prognosis was zero. What a gracious and respected person she is. She’s being Swriously pressurised here. dunno how.This publication and its determined journalists might find that aspect worth investigating.

  44. Very well written and objective article Mr Noble. I am an English speaking South African white woman, not a grovelling worshipper of Mandela like many in my country are but still he was a decent chap to a certain degree and these lies about him being alive should be stopped for his dignity alone, not to mention telling the truth to our country’s citizens. There’s no way he is still alive. The Obama visit clinched my theory that Mandela was dead, there is NO WAY he wouldn’t have been granted an audience, however brief, had the man been alive.

    1. Codswallop Ms Figg.

      ”Very well written and objective”, you not being serious, are you?

      This report is ”posthumously” written to vindicate their initial reporting of Madiba’s demise on the 25/26 June 2013.

      The question here is not whether Madiba is dead or not – but whether he was dead on the 25/06/2013 as claimed by this news agency – all this diatribe after-the-fact is not what should be considered at all – Obama was not on SA soil nor was Madiba ”discharged” yet.

      Succinctly put – was the information received on the 25 June 2013 sufficient to report the actual death of Madiba?- Laura Oneale, come on, who is she??? she has zero journalistic credentials – nothing at all – yet these people reported using this ”credible source”.

      I leave you with this filthy quote from this ”well written and objective” report – tell me what truth you garner from it – if any?

      ”Our South African correspondent, Laura Oneale – a lady who, clearly, cares deeply about her country and its future – was singled out for victimization in sections of the South African media. There are, however, no major media outlets in South Africa that report anything other than that which the authorities approve; South Africa may be, technically, a Democracy, but it is still ruled by those who are Communists at heart and exercise total control, where possible. Whilst it would be unfair to say that the South African media does not dare criticize Zuma or the ruling ANC, their reporting is not totally independent of official influence.”

      1. Bravo Joe Soap! When all the fluff has been blown away, there are very few facts to be distracted from aren’t there? Perhaps the collection of facts and fiction is not the issue but the inability of certain individuals to differentiate that is. Drama sells newspapers, people love sharing drama and drama is cheap marketing. Job done.

        As a South African I can say that Madiba’s family would have been far more concerned with his health than suing small newspapers because it would have been culturally inappropriate for them to have done so at that time but more importantly, because they are a very close family. I wonder what the statute of limitation is ….

        Thank you for your refreshing, intelligent and accurate post. It made my day!

  45. Times and the world have changed and sadly many well meaning people are not keeping pace. There is grave trouble ahead and I personally believed in June that Madiba had died. The cover up is obviously part of an evil plot by an ANC/Illuminati agreement and I am convinced that it will all blow up quite soon, maybe around election time. THEN there will be hell to pay in our beloved but doomed country.

  46. It was on June the 26th when a colleague and I had a day best forgotten , everything went wrong, nothing we did seemed to work, we pulled out of work and went for an extended lunch , there was a strange feeling in the air, almost as if Madiba had died , I am sure history will prove you either right or wrong, either way it will be sad news when the day comes that we learn of the death of a man who held South Africa together and tried his best to turn our nation into the rainbow nation that we can all be proud of,,

  47. I do not know whether Madiba is in fact dead or not – I will not comment on what I do not know. However, I would like to make an observation. You received a text message, from a South African correspondent that stated Madiba was dead, within two hours you report on this information and publish that Madiba had died – two hours, seriously – was integrity and truth palpable during these discussions/decisions at the expense of sensationalism?

    You decided to send a ‘top’ writer/editor to South Africa – not to confirm Madiba’s death (he is dead already remember, lest we readers forget there was this text message confirming such) – but to establish the reason/s for the cover-up?

    After three months – no irrefutable evidence of Madiba’s existence.. ”as a living functional human being”, so, firstly, your empirical evidence of one text message discharges your burden-of-proof and shift the onus to everybody else to prove he is alive? this from one text message and two hours – any evidence after this two hour period, is ”after-the-fact”…you cannot use it to justify your first report.

    Seriously – one text message and two hours – is this all that is required to report the death of our icon? I would have thought he was worth more, to me, at least, he is…but, I guess, I am not motivated to publish reports for public consumption for any financial gain, as you would probably need to, quickly, in light of the fast-paced industry you work in.

    1. I’m not sure exactly why you believe – as you obviously do – that you have the moral authority to pass judgement upon our decision to publish. In addition, your comment is highly disingenuous as you continue to make the accusation that we reported Mandela’s death for financial gain when – as I have clearly pointed out – our publication made no financial gain from this story; it did, in fact, cost us to report on it.

      It seems strange to me that you are not even disputing the fact that Mandela is dead, but merely focused upon slandering us as a news organization. It make me wonder who you are working for; whether it is the ANC or a media organization in South Africa.

      If you are merely bad-mouthing us for your own amusement, then I would suggest that you are a very sick and sad individual.


      1. Rather focus on the salient points in my post instead of relying on ad hominems. Thank you Graham,

          1. Each to their own – at times we merely see what we want to see,,,. other times we are motivated to see more than what we actually see. Thanks Graham.

          2. I think that comment, Sir, may be applied as much to you as to me.

            My point was, you actually did not make any substantive case for Mandela still being alive or for us being wrong. Also, you chose to ignore the fact that I explained in my article how we spent more on our reporting of the story than we made from it in total revenue. I think that was intellectually dishonest of you, to be perfectly frank.

          3. In case we missed each other – my salient point alludes only to your initial report dated 26/06/2013.

            The total spend on reporting the initial story, several text messages, financial implosion?

            I am not in the business of reporting – you are. Shifting the onus upon your readers to rebuke your reported claim is, as you put it, disingenuous, would you not agree?

            Thank you Graham.

          4. We stick by our claim that he died June 25th. It is only fair of us to report that one of our sources claimed that he died before that.

            When you, Sir, accuse us of lying, then the onus is on you to present proof.

          5. I get it – we now shift the onus towards the reliability of this anecdotal evidence from one source – should it turn south, our culpability is shrouded in the comfort that we fulfilled our responsibility to report – blame her?

            Thank you Graham.

  48. Madiba was a great man (ranking with gandhi), but his disappearance is linked to Illuminati activities and end times. this is not so mysteriously unexpected

  49. Two facts leave the way wide open to speculate just about anything about Madiba’s condition: 1) That the only two sources about his condition have a history of lies and deceptions; and 2) The last update was on 2 September 2013. And the SA media don’t complain!? I can’t help believing that the presidency & SA media are conspiring against the public . . .

  50. The Arch (Tutu) visited Mandela towards the end of July. I’m sure he would have noticed if Mandela was dead. I can’t imagine him being party to a cover up – particularly for the ANC! Let’s keep it real…

    1. Medical technology can keep a dead body alive for years. Mechanical ventilation. Inotropes to keep the heart pumping. Dialysis to replace failed kidney function. Come to my intensive care unit and I will show you a couple of people who died weeks ago. Their chests go up and down. Their hearts beat. But they are essentially brain dead. Waiting for their relatives to accept the fact, and to let them go. only then can we legally stop the adrenaline, the dialysis, and turning oxygen levels down to 21% – equivalent to normal atmospheric levels.

  51. I am sorry to say this but u guys are obviously just fishing, this article is all based on propaganda and no one will invite you to go and see Mandela, you lost it by reporting He was dead and now you are bidding to keep your integrity by this hollow article, you are not saying anything new here and lastly just so you know, all this comments about uprising and civil war in Mzansi are all bogus, South Africans are way above that and this kind of articles are just a joke to them. get a better story to report

  52. I have read all the comments and they are brilliantely written. I suppose the bottom line is we are ALL just waiting to see what is going to happen.We all have our different feelings and views on whether Mr Mandela is still alive or not. “who’s right and who’s wrong” does it really matter.It remains a sad time.

  53. To the so called teacher: If you had any idea how the black culture works then you should know that they have funerals on weekends… If there was a funeral over the weekend then yes the child would not have missed school! So what was the child’s answer to your question?

    All my black friends also say that Madiba is no longer.

    After reading this article I am now even more convinced that Madiba died in June 2013.

  54. Great article Graham. I am a South African and not for a minute do I believe that he is still alive. I would like to believe that most South Africans do know that too, but for whatever reason have chosen to forget that in the past, at any and every opportunity for publicity, he has been ‘showcased’ – why miss this one?

  55. As long as everybody thinks he is still alive, the Mandela family rake in millions of rands on a daily basis.
    As soon as he is announced dead, the money tap stops! Shame on you Mandela’s! It’s all about money.

  56. Leaving aside his ‘political past’, there is no doubt Mandela changed an apprehensive South African population (not necessarily only white Afrikaaners) into a surprised and admiring general population, and then globally. Whether one liked the man or not, his major triumph was, and remained, his spirit of forgiveness. Sadly, In my opinion which isn’t important, he was ‘released’ too late and had not enough time to mould a successive Govt., Mbeki in particular. Now that’s a bad man! And it wasn’t Mandela who’s health ministry made a fool of themselves over the HIV issue. Mbeki stated categorically that HIV did not cause AIDS. It was poverty .. His Minister of Health, Manto Shabalala, who’d been fired from a hospital in Botswana and deported for stealing a patient’s watch, being drunk on duty, and had a chronically alcoholic liver for which he arranged special preference transplant, (twice – she died after the second) promoted the ‘diet’, and Vitamins courtesy of a Vitamin ‘manufacturer’. I have repeatedly watched the unbelievable abuses of Mbeki, and Zuma, in their Governments and wondered what Madiba would be thinking. I do indeed think the man died in June. Still on life support. Obama was about to visit – imagine the security nightmare .. And another couple of VIP events. To allow Mandela to die was unthinkable – a world in mourning and one of the funerals of the century?? Didn’t bear thinking about. The reported ‘facts’ make too much sense ..

    1. ‘Changed an apprehensive South African population’ are not the correct words.
      Those who watch the TV and read the media might get a positive perception about Mandela’s release from prison January 1989.
      The majority of Afrikaners and many English speaking Whites were apprehenisive.

      It has been said via social intercourse structures that the F. W. de Klerk’s National Referendum duing 1992 was rigged. Ballot boxes were already filled with papers before the election day. These had a 60% to 70% “Yes” vote, which ensured that the Government of National Unity would go ahead. (The modern Social Media was not yet invented during 1992.)

      The offical Nalson Mandela Arrest Site, near Lions River, Natal (part of KZN) has been quoted by many in the “know” from all sides of the polical spectrum, as “not where he was arrested”, 5 August 1962. (It is suggested he was arrested near in in Durban.)

      This “arrest site” has been placed conveniently so people can make money from the project.
      I can quote members on the old Security Branch, South African Police, people (Whites) living a few miles from Lions River and Asian Indians and Africans who were part of the “struggle”.

      Any Google search will show that Nelson Mandela is directly descended from Chief Langalibalele, who was arrested by Major Antony Durnford during December 1873 in the Natal Drakensberg.
      Chief Langalibalele was buried in the foothills of the Drakensberg in the Gaints Castle Game Reserve.
      (The farm where the grave is situated was on Dave Worral’s parents’ farm, called Elands Park. Mr. Worral died, and his widow Elizabeth, married a Mr. Henderson. During the mid 1970s Elands Park was expropriated, and made part of the Gaints Castel Game Reserve. Dave is still alive.)
      It was also well known, even during the 1960s and 1970s, that Nelson Mandela wanted to be buried near Chief Langalibele’s grave!

      Mandela has a varied background. He was born in the Transkei. He has a light coloured skin. This shows a possible European anscestry. Shipwrecked sailors or trading store owners, being possible male forbear.
      The villages in his home area has names taken from Mfolozi River Valley in Zululand. Cunu and Langa are examples. The Zulu king, Shaka forced his tribal forbears to leave Zululand about 1812.
      The Langalibalele roots are of the Hlubi tribe who lived in Northern Natal, parts of old Orange Free State and Southern Transvaal.
      Shaka forced the Amahubi to move from 1812 to 1828. The Boers also removed them during 1848 and the British during 1973.

      The reason why they were so easily removed was their fault. Their menfolk never worked. Women did all the work. The men went hunting, chasing women, smoking dagga (marijuana) and getting drunk on Bantoe sorgum beer. They were found useless to resist any threat.
      Men suddenly had to beg in order to survive. Some went north to present day Rustenburg. Others went south, south of Great Fish River in the Cape. Others went into the Orange Free State. Tribes to whom they came begging renamed and called them Bhengu, which means beggar.
      Ironically, they found themselves working for miners at Kimberley when diamonds were found there early 1870s.
      These miniers paid them in guns. That is what they needed, as they were unarmed in every respect, unti lthen.

      When they returned to their historical lands, the British Colonial authorities of Colonial Natal were alarmed, and sent Major Antony Durnford to recover the guns. This led to arresting Chief Langalibalele, as he was defying the British authorities.

      They can trace their anscestry to the Congo. It is well known and recorded.
      Since 1994 they have approached the British to recognised Chief Langalibalele as a King.
      On SAfm radio (SABC) about 2002 they were on air claiming all of Natal, all of Orange Free State and parts of Southern Transvaal as theirs, the Amahlubi.
      This is the threat. That is not democracy!

  57. To the ‘black’ people that I talk to on a daily basis at my work, has also said that Mandela is no longer with us, has been buried already etc… So I truly do believe that he is no longer with us.

  58. Though very cleverly constructed, your article is mere speculation and some of the facts that you mention are incomplete, whilst other facts have been omitted. The article is certainly not objective, as it leans towards justifying your allegations of a conspiracy to hide Madiba’s death. I suggest that you abide by your commitment to finding the truth, rather than inciting sensationalism and speculation about a matter that deserves a responsible and dignified approach.

    1. I have no idea who you think you are, but I’m not impressed by your idiotic attempts to intimidate me. Nothing you have said can be justified. You are clearly not willing to back up any of your statements.

      What facts are incomplete? Which are omitted? You are pretending to be in the know…clearly you are not.

      Please stop wasting my time, unless you have any pertinent information to add to the discussion. This is the second stupid comment you have posted. Either you are mentally unstable or you have too much time on your hands.

      1. Said the pot calling the kettle black!

        If you had the slightest inkling to the age old African traditions of laying a person to rest, especially one who is considered to be an elder or chief, and the respect that Africans pay to their ancestors, you may want to recant your article.

        1. Confusing, and many are wondering about
          this too…but I agree with Shirley…a funeral in the traditional manner for the much honoured and revered Madiba could not be held quietly…I also think that the current government would not allow a chance to be internationally spot-lit, go by….also the anger of the people (all people here) would be unmanageable should we find out there has been deception.

          1. OMG! Holding a funeral quietly is one thing, but to withhold the fact that it has taken place, 3 MONTHS AFTER THE FACT!!! Now that is something else entirely!

    2. I don’t think that the government has been honest. I tend to agree with Graham. For the sake of money this is what they will do. They have elections coming up and possibly the are waiting for the elections to end then they will announce it. I agree there has been no sign of Madiba and neither will there be.

      He is no longer with us. It is impossible to be brain dead and then to be alive, this any brainless fool will know. The pictures that appeared on TV about a month ago were pictures taken just before he went to hospital you can clearly see that. In one picture they tried to crop they were unable to get the medic hand out the picture.

      The roads to Qunu are still being finished when that is done the announcement will come. It is definitely a delay because those roads were not built for the enormity of traffic that is going to receive.

      If he is buried they will simply get a new coffin and rebury him. They have had no respect for their father/grandfather, fighting over his millions and going to court about it. Ousting Mandla the grandson, so they will not have any respect for him in death. They took the trustee’s to court to get them off the board so that they could get their hands on the money. The very money that does not belong to them but to the trusts that were set up.

      There is no respect where there is money involved. The ANC is not the ANC it was, so yes S.A has a corrupt government who only knows how to lie and deceive, and this is another deception on their part. I too have been waiting a long time to see the picture of him talking about this episode but no brain dead person can do that.

      The next thing is they will have a wax mask of him, in the meantime there is probably some comedian busy practicing exactly how to speak like him and they are going to fool the world once more.

      I say be very careful of what is going to happen next you cannot trust the government of South Africa with the present corruption, lies, deceit and cover-ups.

      1. Well said, BW! Only, your comment “this any brainless fool will know” should state: “this anyone with at least a mustard seed for a brain will know”. The brainless fools out there are the ones running our country and the ones who continue to believe them, belive in them and vote for them…

  59. Denying Obama access to a dying man in a critical decision was one I applauded. Despite his public persona, Nelson Mandela is a man, a father and a grandfather. To have allowed Obama in would have been a publicity stunt in extremely poor taste. But you have raised my curiosity so I shall ask his grandson how his grandfather is. Since they share a house I am sure he will know one way or another. Out of interest the child was not withdrawn from school for a single day to attend a funeral or anything else.

    1. I completely agree, regarding Obama. However, this is an incredibly narcissistic man who, I honestly believe, would have bribed, threatened or otherwise coerced his way to Mandela’s bedside, had he been alive.

      I would not make the mistake of assuming his grandson would be willing or able to give you the truth.

  60. First of all, I must apologise for any inaccuracies in my comment, as I am no expert in South African politics, but I am also interested as to the state of affair’s surrounding Mandela. As a recent visitor to South Africa, I must say that the general attitude amongst many Afrikaaners is that Mandela has already died, and that they are covering up his death to bide time for political preparation- and also out of paranoia of an uprising amongst black South Africans. Many implied that they are preparing themselves for war, and several are talking of leaving the country. Around July, after hearing a rumour that he had died and that civil war was imminent, I questioned a co-worker about this in incredulity, and their reaction was one of unease and fear. I have genuine reason to believe that something underhand and sinister is going on in SA, and it would not surprise me at all if in the near future Mandela’s death is exposed with scandal and outrage. Contrary to the expectation that there will be a ‘black uprising’ if and when this information is released, I am in more fear of what the aparthied-sympathists in power might do, because if they are able to influence the withholding of such a huge piece of information, what else are they capable of- and why?

    1. Your comments are in line with much of the information with which we have been provided. Thank you.


    2. Who are the “apartheid-sympathists in power”? Enlighten me please, since I’m not aware of any apartheid sympathizers who are in power.

      1. I did mention that I’m not an expert on South African politics- and I’m simply stating an opinion. However to extrapolate on my comment, I’m only suggesting that there are a lot of Afrikaaners who felt safer during apartheid, still secretly sympathise with its fundamental ideas- and who therefore have a lot to gain in establishing a ‘safety net’ around themselves, for when Mandela’s death becomes officially public. I’m just speculating as to how many of his ‘inner circle’, and by this I mean lawyers, doctors, friends would benefit from postponing his death? I think a lot of black south africans feel frustrated at the progress of their supposed ‘freedom’, and that many whites are aware of this. It is my speculation that there are many ‘in power’ (and by this I mean in a position of media influence) who were not so sympathetic to his cause, and probably have good reason to bide time, in order to protect and prepare themselves for when his death officially becomes public. I just worry as to what their agenda is…and what it will mean for the country.

        1. Sorry, WHAT?! I have no idea what you are on about. There are less than 5 million whiteys in South Africa, I think maybe 2.5 million Afrikaners – in a population of 50 to 55 million SA citizens.

          The government is black and ANC-controlled. Twenty years after the fall of Apartheid, I would have been too ashamed to call the media controlled by whites if I were black. I mean seriously, how on earth could this be true?! Do blacks prefer to read news published by white journalists? Does the state owned South African Broadcast Corporation prefer to employ whites? (Clue to the last question: NO!) Surely blacks had all the opportunity anyone could ever wish for to establish their own media houses?

          Thanks to affirmative action and BEE laws, it is against the law NOT to discriminate against white people. Where are this supposed ‘inner circle’ you’re referring to hiding? And how the hell do they manage to do that?

          How you can try and pin the cover-up of Mandela’s death on Afrikaners, whiteys and Apartheid is completely beyond me. Mind boggling. Boggling. Boggling.

        2. P.S. You didn’t have to mention that you are no expert on SA politics. That would be pretty obvious to anybody who has the foggiest clue about SA. Mind you, thanks for stating that to those are more clueless than yourself.

          By the way, the supposed ‘freedom’ of the blacks in SA rests very squarely and uneasily in the greedy, grubby hands of their own democratically elected bunch of thieving chiefs. Yes, whites are aware of the frustration and betrayal felt by blacks, but the hell do you expect us (tiny minority that we are) to do? Feel sorry for people who got what they voted for?!

          1. A+ Maryna, couldn’t agree more.

            Is he or is he not? That is the question. Time will tell. As for SA, lets hope the county and the welfare of its people are important to the rest of the world. If not South Africa will become anothe Zimbabwe, it may only take a little longer. The ANC and the EFF will bump heads, the poor people in between will the victims.
            I worry about the day Mr Mandela is declared dead. There will be large gatherings to morn. With gatherings of this size in SA there is almost always rioting and fighting. If the ANC has kept his death quiet there could be trouble beyond belief.

            I hope this is not the case.

  61. Outstanding, in-depth article! @James Mashel: I’m sure Mr. Noble is well aware of who Hemingway is. That being said, Mr. Noble’s beautiful prose dovetailing with clearly-expressed explanation and attention to detail is far more enjoyable to read than all of Hemingway’s books combined.

  62. I’m a South African citizen and I’m certainly not a “Madiba” fan.

    I firmly believe that he, as South Africa’s first President, together with the National Executive Committee was instrumental in instigating a policy to callously ignore the HIV-Aids epidemic.

    Mandela appointed a Minister of Health who promptly prescribed using garlic-and-beetroot [amongst other vegetables] as the cure-all.

    This policy was perpetuated by M’Beki, Mandela’s successor.

    That said, I find this article just too amusingly fallacious to take seriously and I won’t – unless y’all will quietly slip me the location where the Roswell aliens are buried.

    So y’all getting a fail-mark from me, fellers – the Onion is still the better read.

    And do try to avoid these huge gushing paragraphs. Sparse and spare, Hemingway [look-it-up, yall] style be the way to go…

    1. As the article points out; our critics – including yourself – have no solid foundation from which to argue against us. Unless you, personally, have irrefutable proof that Mandela is still alive, nothing you have said makes very much sense.

      In addition, this article accurately recounts how and why we reported Mandela’s death. It does not demand that you believe or disbelieve. It tells the honest story of why we continued with our assertions. Your finding the article “amusingly fallacious”, therefore, makes no logical sense whatsoever.

    2. I am also a South African citizen, and as much as there is no proof that he is alive there is no proof that he is dead either. A man of his caliber deserves a state and publicly broadcast funeral as such there has been no funeral. American newspapers should stick to what your own government is doing and leave us to sort out our own mess.

      1. I spend most of my time writing about what the US government is doing. Your assertion that Mr. Mandela must still be alive because there has been no funeral is rather silly, I must say.

        I would add that we have as much right to report what is happening in South Africa as the South African media has to report what is happening in the US – which they do constantly.

        Do you write to all the South African media sites to complain about their coverage of US events?

        No, I don’t think so.

        1. Maybe but that does not give you the right to call an entire country fools for believing that The most respected man in the world (yes, even Obama respects him) is on Life-support. Former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon was on Life-support for more than 3 years. What is a few months.

          While I don’t believe Mr. Mandela is as responsive as his family claims, unconscious is not the same as dead.

          I don’t like the way you claim that the “discharge from hospital” was staged. How can a former president be dead for 4 months without anybody noticing? We don’t have a CIA. Do you think people would wish him happy birthday if they thought he was dead?

          1. Look, Sir or Madam, I did not – anywhere in this editorial – call the entire country fools; that may be your perception of what I was implying but that was not the intention on my part.

            I am highly critical of both the South African government and the Mandela family. I have no reason whatsoever to speak badly of the South African people.

            As for ‘staging’ his discharge from hospital: When you really think about it, that’s not a hard thing to do at all…it doesn’t take the CIA to pull that off (in fact, the CIA would probably bungle such a simple mission!).

            I think – and I hasten to add that this is a personal opinion – that probably at least a third of South Africans believe that Mandela is dead and most of the rest of them suspect it but are either hoping it is not true or they are merely waiting for official news.

            A lady from South Africa commented on one of my previous articles: She said that she showed the article to her domestic, who merely looked at her and said “Yes, we know Madiba’s dead.”

          2. I’m a South African, and of the four Johannesburg taxi drivers (all black) I’ve used in the last two months or so, one is sure Madiba has been buried already and the other three all used the same expression: “Mandela is not with us any more.”

            In the local African culture of ubuntu an ordinary black person will rarely if ever express a unique, private view — their expressed view is usually a consensus, thus a collective opinion formed after long and serious discussions.

          3. “Do you think people would wish him happy birthday if they thought he was dead?” YES! This is the SA Government you’re talking about here. People who partly never finished Primary School and care only about filling their own pockets! Wake up!

      2. Anonymous, you write

        “A man of his caliber deserves a state and publicly broadcast funeral as such there has been no funeral.”, besides the fact that caliber is spelled calibre, think about this for a second.

        when eventually the State Funeral of Madiba takes place, are they going to allow you to go and see the body and do tests on it?

        even if you see the body, are you going to notice the difference between the real Madiba or the wax copy?

        i have said from June that the fiasco with the ambulance was a cover-up of the death and was meant to take away from the actual facts.

  63. Thanks for this great illustration of how journalism should work!!

    Also note that president Jacob Zuma and his spokesman, Mac Maharaj, are notorious for their lies and deceptions — if you don’t believe me, google their names together with ”lies” and “deceptions”.

    For ordinary people the legal principle is: “Innocent till proven guilty.”

    But when politicians act as spokespersons for the truth, my principle is:
    “Lying and deceiving till proven honest,”

  64. Well done for publishing this update.

    You wrote “We do expect the man to suffer the indignity” I think you meant to write “We do NOT expect the man to suffer the indignity”. It may not hurt to use the terms Mr Mandela or the term former president. Mr Nelson Mandela our former president is after all an icon to many in our country and by your own submission did achieve remarkable things, I submit Mr Noble that using “Mr” to preface the name Nelson Mandela or the term former president I do not believe will harm your commitment to journalistic integrity and to your self-appointed mission of speaking the truth no matter how unpleasant, unwanted or politically incorrect.

    You refer top Ms Laura ONeale as “a lady who, clearly, cares deeply about her country and its future” should Mr Mandela (Deceased or Alive) not be afforded the same courtesy when you write about him. “a gentleman who clearly cares (or cared) about his country and its future”

    1. Thanks for pointing out the omitted word!

      Although I am not, at the point, going to go through the article and change every reference to Mr. Mandela, I do take your point and it’s a fair one. I do not, and did not, revere the man, but I had no intention of deliberately disrespecting his name.


      1. Mr Noble thank you for your reply. I do wish to thank you and the Las Vegas Gaurdian for pushing for the truth.

        No matter what anyone says / feels or throws your way – Kudos for insisting on proof of life (South Africa’s legal definition of life). No other media outlet I am aware of is requesting this,

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