MasterChef Finalist Josh Marks Diagnosed with Schizophrenia Before Suicide

MasterChef Finalist Josh Marks Diagnosed with Schizophrenia Before Suicide
The MasterChef finalist Josh Marks had just been diagnosed with schizophrenia 24 hours before he committed suicide. Tragically, the 7 foot 2 inch tall “gentle giant” had been arrested in July this year after acting bizarrely and claiming alternatively that he was God and possessed by celebrity cook Gordon Ramsay.

Josh Marks assaulted a police officer, at that time, and ran away from law enforcement officials. He was eventually caught and brought in for psychiatric evaluation. While he was awaiting a diagnosis, his fellow contestants from the MasterChef cooking show spoke of his appearing to be “two different people.”

The 26 year-old Masterchef finalist had been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder and according to the late man’s mother he had only been told that he was schizophrenic 24 hours before he committed suicide. His mother Paulette Mitchell claims that the diagnosis pushed her mentally disturbed son over the edge.

Paulette spoke to the Chicago Tribune and revealed that Josh had at last come to grips with his bipolar disorder. But she said that he could not stand the thought of being diagnosed with another mental illness.

Josh’s mother told the Chicago news site that he had been upset when he learned that he now had another mental problem. Because of his unease, Mitchell said that she stayed with her son overnight in an effort to calm him down. She only left his apartment late the next day to get her daughter from school.

She received a phone call before she could return from another member of the family who told her that Josh was carrying a gun and going though an alley near his apartment. Paulette related that she had “rushed over” to find Josh lying dead in the alley. He had been shot and a gun lay by his side.

The MasterChef finalist had been diagnosed with schizophrenia on top of his existing bipolar disorder , which he had been dealing with. Before he committed suicide, he did have a history of violent acts and Joss Marks’ behaviour, when he left the television cookery program, became increasingly bizarre.

In reference to Marks’ bizarre behaviour in July this year, his mother confirmed that her son suffered delusions about celebrity cook Gordon Ramsay which was why he told police that he chef had possessed him. Before the incident in July, Marks had also been arrested in June.

The month prior to his arrest for assault, the MasterChef finalist had been trespassing in a Chicago condominium complex while telling residents that he lived there. Police caught him in the act and it was revealed at the time that Josh had a record violence.

His later arrest in July was only possible after five policemen subdued the “gentle giant” with batons and pepper spray. He was then placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold like troubled star Amanda Bynes who also suffers from schizophrenia as well as bipolar disorder.

Gordon Ramsay, the object of his delusions, posted on Twitter his condolences to Josh’s family and friends. MasterChef reps released a statement saying that Josh had “incredible talent.” Marks’ family had also released a statement prior to his suicide stating that the troubled man was seeking treatment.

The MasterChef finalist Josh Marks had only just been diagnosed with schizophrenia hours before his suicide. This news on top of his existing bipolar disorder, lead to him taking his life. His family want to create a foundation in his name to help others with mental illness and to raise public awareness.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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