Michael Bay Zombie Attack on Set of Transformers Age of Extinction

Michael Bay Zombie Attack on Set

Apparently a zombie escapee from Brad Pitt’s World War Z got lost on Thursday when he wandered onto the set of Michael Bay’s latest set for Transformers four. At least that was how Bay described his attacker on the day. Although initial reports came out saying that Bay had been struck by one of two men who later had to be arrested by the local police, the director says things were blown a little out of proportion.

According to Reuters, two local men, who are brothers, decided to take advantage of the director and his production’s location in Hong Kong. The film, which stars Mark Wahlberg and is titled Transformers: Age of Extinction and it due out next year, has been filming without to much local aggravation with the locals.

The 48 year-old director/producer said that the two men were attempting to extort the production company for around $13,000. Apparently while filming in the area, the film company paid local vendors for any custom that might be lost by the film shutting the area down. It was a system that everyone seemed to find satisfactory except for two young men who decided to turn entrepreneur and asked for more money.

Police say that the brothers approached Bay and the younger of the two told the director to hand over the money or they would disrupt filming. Michael Bay explained that the two men were under the influence of drugs and that they had been trying to disrupt proceedings for hours before the attack.

Bay said that it started with one of them rolling a metal cart around the area and then one of them demanding the extra money or they would play loud music. The cart was used as a sort of actor battering ram, where they tried to injure some of the actors. There was also a threat to throw bricks at the cast and crew.

But Michael Bay is made of sterner stuff, he told both of the men that he was not paying them any additional money. The older brother then tried to assault the director with what has been described as a long air conditioner unit. Michael apparently easily dodged the drugged up attack to his face and he took control of the unit. Throwing the unit to the ground he then pushed his assailant away.

The police then jumped in and tried to arrest the older brother on the set of Transformers Age of Extinction, but, he turned out to be surprisingly resilient to their attempts to subdue him. Bay said it was like watching a scene from Brad Pitt’s World War Z because the man was “like a zombie.” The director said that initially seven large policemen tried to control the man. The assailant then lifted the seven cops off the ground and tried to bite them. He actually, according to Bay, did bite one man’s Air Max tennis shoe but didn’t make it through to the cop’s toe.

The director said that it took fifteen of Hong Kong’s finest police officers dressed in riot gear to arrest the two brothers. Although according to Bay, a total of four men were arrested in the incident, later the director’s rep changed that number. A Hong Kong law enforcement spokesperson said that the director had received injuries to the side of his face, but Bay had refused medical attention.

But Bay’s representative said that the director had not been injured in the attempted assault. Michael’s rep relayed to the New York Times that the incident was handled quickly by the film company’s security forces who “stepped in” and stopped the assailants. The police attended and there was a brief struggle where the law enforcement officials arrested three men. Production on the film began immediately after the arrests with no further incidents taking place.

Michael Bay’s spokesperson also explained that the director had “ducked” and then taken the air condition unit away from his assailant and that the local police and the security team had handled the situation efficiently. So luckily for the director, his zombie attack on the set of his latest film, Transformers Age of Extinction, did not end in tears except for the “zombie” attacker and his small criminal gang.

By Michael Smith
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  1. jcalberta   October 17, 2013 at 5:00 pm

    It was later discovered that the 2 men actually were zombies that had snuck onto the set – and everybody just thought they were part of the cast.


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