Missouri: Elderly Couple Charged with 1st Degree Murder [VIDEO]

Missouri: Elderly Couple Charged with 1st Degree Murder [VIDEO]


Gerald Uden, 71, and his wife Alice Louise Uden, 74, have been charged with murder in two separate cold cases dating back over 30 years. The elderly couple is being held for first-degree murder charges for killing their spouses and children and hiding the bodies nearly four decades ago. Both of these crimes were committed separately, nearly five years apart. Mrs. Uden has been charged with one count of first-degree murder, and Mr. Uden has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder.

Mrs. Uden has been charged with killing her ex-husband, Ronald Holtz, in Wyoming in late 1974 or early 1975. Officials say after killing him, Mrs. Uden hid his body in a deserted mine. Holtz, 25, went missing in December of 1974. The recent discovery of Holtz’s remains reignited the cold-case. According to court affidavits, Mrs. Uden allegedly confided in someone years ago. She  described shooting her husband while he slept and wrapping him in blankets. She then put the body in a barrel, and hid it in an abandoned mine. In August, an excavation of the mine uncovered Holtz’s remains.

Mr. Uden is facing murder charges for an entirely different case. In 1980, Gerald’s wife, Virginia Uden and her two sons went missing. The two boys, Reagan, 10 and Richard, 12, were not Gerald’s biological children, though both boys were adopted by Mr. Uden and legally carried his last name.  The last place the three were seen was at the home of Virginia’s mother, where they were visiting just before a scheduled hunting trip with Gerald. Virginia’s vandalized, blood soaked car was found a few days later under a sheath of pine, in an attempt to hide it.

A Wyoming cold-case team said in a statement “As a result of the investigation, more evidence was obtained in reference to that homicide and Gerald Uden was arrested and charged with the three other homicides that occurred around 1980 in Wyoming.” The arrest of Gerald Uden seems to have been made, at least in part, because of the arrest of his wife.

It is reported that Gerald Uden told investigators he picked up the victims, drove them to Freemont County, and shot them when they got out of the vehicle. He then allegedly told officials that he tried to hide their bodies. It is unknown if the bodies of the three have ever been located.

Gerald and Alice somehow met, left Wyoming, and made their new home in Chadwick, Missouri. Their neighbors have said the Udens attended church regularly, raised several children, and lived a quiet, seemingly normal life. The Udens were reportedly long-haul truckers who were often away from home. Their rig was towed off their property Monday morning, neighbors say.  Many in the town are finding it difficult to believe these two elderly people could have been responsible for such heinous acts of violence. It is still unknown if the relationship between the two murder suspects had anything to do with the slayings and authorities are being tight-lipped with much of the information. As of Wednesday morning, the motives for the murders allegedly committed by this elderly couple are still unclear.


Written by: Amy Magness Whatley


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