Mystery, Mystique and the Letter M

Mystery, Mystique and the Letter M

Mystery, Mystique and the Letter M

M, the thirteenth letter of the English alphabet, has an inexplicable aura of mystery and mystique attached with it which defies all logical explanations. There is some solid proof to back up this statement.

And whether the editor approves this post and agrees to publish it or decides to throw it in the trash bin, the letter M has been haunting the author now for so long that he has nothing better to do than to put down on paper what he thinks is the only way to get rid of this obsession. But before anything is put to paper.

Let me assure my reader that this piece is in no way just a trifling effort to show off my (another M, OMG) knowledge or just a vain effort to fill a  blank page but a real effort to show the power and mystique of the letter M.

To clarify from the very onset, this post is not a work of philosophy, nor literature, perhaps, of art of an Andy Warhol kind, if you agree with the author and a piece of crap, if you don’t. One thing more, if nothing else this blog can be considered a tribute to some great men and women, some dead and others still alive.

So without much ado, lets marvel at the mysterious power of letter M. What follows are just names and nothing else but mind you names of personages that have touched our lives in one way or the other. Another word of advise to the reader that the author has not followed any alphabetical order or any other form but jotted down a name as it came to mind.

Mohammad (PUBH__the Prophet of Islam); Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi ( the father of non-violence); Miley Cyrus (the Hanna Montana); Malala Yousafzai (the girl whom the Taliban shot to world prominence); Martina Navratilova (the most crowned queen of the tennis court); Martina Hingis ( tennis star);Marcus Aurelius (the philosopher); Mel Gibson (Hollywood star); Michael Douglas (Hollywood actor); Mae West ( perhaps, the first sex symbol of Hollywood); Marlyin Monroe ( the queen of hearts); Mi Farrow (Hollywood actress and wife of Woody Allen); Meryl Streep ( an actress par excellence); Meg Ryan; Madonna; Margret Thatcher (first lady prime minister of Great Britain); Medusa ( the mythological witch); Martin Luther ( the founder of the Protestants); Martin Luther King Jr.( civil rights leader with the dream); Madeline Albright (American politician); Mata Hari (exotic dancer and famous WWI German spy; her historic house in Holland was destroyed by fire a few days ago); Maria Sharapova (one of the best tennis players on the circuit); Mitt Romney ( the Republican candidate for president); Mark Twain; Monet ( French impressionist painter); Michael J. Fox; Michael Jackson; Monica Lewinsky( the main character in Clinton sex scandal); Mohammad Ali ( the boxer_ declared the best sportsman of the 20 century by the Times); Mike Tyson; Marie Curie ( the co-inventor of penicillin); Mark Waugh (Australian cricket legend); Manmohan Singh ( PM of India); Michelle Obama; Malcolm X; Mozart; Milton and…

There are many more but neither time nor space allows me to continue anymore, so I won’t. Anyway, thanks for your patience and whether you agree with me ( another M) or not, letter M has some mystery and mystique attached with it, though . Monsieurs, madams and mademoiselles, my guess is and I am fully mindful of the fact that their are many among you who may or might misconstrue this blog a mean to masquerade the workings of my hyper-active imagination. To them, I respectfully reply to mind their own business and let me mind mine.

By: Ifthhar Tariq Khanzada

2 thoughts on “Mystery, Mystique and the Letter M

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