New York City Rampage Leaves Five Dead

New York City Rampage Leaves Five DeadNew York City Police have a arrested a suspect on murder charges in connection with a stabbing rampage that left five people  – a mother and her four children – dead. The man accused of the brutal slayings is described as a recent immigrant from China

Police have identified the suspect as 25-year-old Ming Don Chen. Chen was arrested at the scene of the massacre and police say he has implicated himself during subsequent questioning. Police so far have not provided any details as to a possible motive.

Dead are 37-year-old Qiao Zhen Li and her four young children:  William Zhuo, 1; Kevin Zhuo, 5;
Amy Zhuo, 7, and Linda Zhuo, 9.

Paramedics encountered a grim scene when they arrived at the apartment in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn a little after 11pm Saturday in response to a 911 call. The victims were reportedly unconscious and unresponsive. Police say the family had been butchered with a kitchen knife. The weapon was recovered at the scene. Both little girls and one of their brothers were pronounced dead at the scene. Their mother and the second brother died shortly after at area hospitals.

Police say Chen was barefoot and drenched in blood after the rampage when they encountered him at the murder scene. Neighbors are quoted as saying that Chen appeared dazed as he was being lead away and that he seemed calm when responding to questioning by police. However, in addition to the murder charges, Chen is also facing a charge of resisting arrest.

New York City Chief of Department Phil Banks has provided more details about the suspect and some of the events that lead up to the rampage that left five people dead. Banks described Chen as an immigrant who had come to the US from China in 2004. Chen, Banks, said had not adjusted well to life in this country. Banks told reporters that in the hours before the attack, Chen had been described as acting in a way that made the mother anxious. She first tried unsuccessfully to reach her husband and then called her mother-in-law in China. The mother-in-law called other family members, who rushed to the apartment and banged on the door. When no one answered, they called 911. The children’s father arrived at the scene some time after the attack. Police said they had to break the awful news to him through a translator.

According to officials and neighbors, Chen is related to the children’s father. He had reportedly moved to the area recently and had been staying with different families. He had been living with the family he allegedly murdered for a week or two.

Sunset Park, known as Brooklyn’s Chinatown, is considered a safe and diverse neighborhood, that attracts visitors and tourists from around New York City and surrounding suburbs. The rampage has left local people shocked. One neighbor, quoted by the New York Daily News, described the attack – especially the killing of the children –  as heartbreaking.

New York City authorities have not said when the man believed responsible for the stabbing rampage will be arraigned in court on five charges of murder.

Written by Mike Clancy

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