No 70 Year-Old Jewish Man Is Going To Tell Miley Cyrus What To Do

Miley Cyrus

Listen up, 70 Year-old Jewish men!  Miley Cyrus is the captain of her own ship!  And she isn’t about to let you tell her what to do!

In an article published by Hunger TV earlier last week, the 20 year-old “Wrecking Ball” singer takes issue with record executives telling her what sort of music young people want to hear.

She says, “With magazines, with movies, it’s always weird when things are targeted for young people yet they’re driven by people that are like 40 years too old. It can’t be like this 70 year old Jewish man that doesn’t leave his desk all day, telling me what the clubs want to hear. I’m going out, I know what they want to hear.”

The first two singles from her hit album, Bangerz, have done exceptionally well.  Both “Wrecking Ball” and “We Can’t Stop” have hit the top of the international charts.  However, Cyrus is now saying that the record executives weren’t exactly on board with the her new image at first. They were saying that the video for “Wrecking Ball” sounded a bit crazy and that no one understood it.  But she knew that she was on to something and was desperate for everyone to let her follow her instincts.  Cyrus convinced the executives to let her film the video and that if it didn’t work out they would never have to trust her again.  However, if it did work out, she insisted that they let her “drive this ship.”

Cyrus goes on to say that she was fighting against all the higher-ups who were so far out of touch with what people would actually want to hear.  Her goal, after all, is to get everyone to keep buying her records. She knows exactly what she is doing.  By creating this public persona so far out of her usual realm she is able to tune out many of her critics and stay focused on her career.  She doesn’t want everyone to just think about her two-minute performance on the VMAs or swinging around on a wrecking ball in her music video.  What she wants is for people to actually hear her records and she figures the more they wonder what the hell she is doing, the more they will want to listen to her music.

And this wrecking ball is showing no signs of slowing down.  The singer says that right now is go time.  She is likening herself to a rocket ship that is about to take off.  Saying, you don’t pause when a rocket ship is taking off. You don’t say, ‘Hold on, I gotta go smoke with my friends.’ You know you’ve got to just go, it’s your time,”

It would seem that all the work in the studio, all her hard work on her videos, and certainly her most recent antics at the VMAs have paid off, more or less.  So settle down, old man.  Miley Cyrus is indeed in charge.

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