Plane at Charlotte-Douglas Airport Detained Due to Suspicious Note

Plane at Charlotte-Douglas Airport detained due to note
US Airways flight 2045 was recently detained at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, due to a suspicious note

Plane Detained at Charlotte-Douglas Airport

A plane originating from Buffalo, New York, has been detained at Charlotte-Douglas Airport, North Carolina, after a suspicious note was discovered aboard the plane.

WCNC states that Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) officials seized US Airways flight 2045. The plane landed at CLT mid-afternoon on Monday, after crew members reported a security concern.

The plane, which was expected to leave CLT for New Orleans at 2:50 p.m., was halted on the taxi-way and besieged by officials. A number of police cars arrived on scene, as passengers were escorted to awaiting city buses by law enforcement officials.

In addition, a K-9 unit was reportedly sighted near the plane.

Investigations are currently ongoing. However, representatives from the airport allege the incident to have had no impact to their operations. Meanwhile, airport staff are currently attempting to assist passengers that missed connecting flights.

By: James Fenner


Charlotte Observer

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