Republican Party or Democrat Party: Who’s More Tolerant?

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Is it the Republican Party or the Democrats who are the more tolerant? Which is the party who spews the most hate and anger? If this week’s shutdown has proven one thing it is that those who claim to be the most tolerant continue to be the least tolerant. The liberal Democrats who continue to attack anyone who doesn’t agree with them certainly are proof of this. Is this the “new civility” we were promised by President Barack Obama?

During the government shutdown, and prior to it the hate speech coming from the left has been taken up a notch. Whether it is Debbie Wasserman Schultz the Democrat from Florida calling Republicans “unhinged” and “not playing with a full deck” or Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D – NV) saying Republicans “have lost their minds” this can hardly be called civil. This week both Senator Elizabeth Warren (D – MA) and Harry Reid called tea party Republicans “anarchists” and Nancy Pelosi (D – CA) called them “arsonists.” How soon the Democrats have forgotten about their calls to end hate speech after the Newtown shootings and the shooting of fellow Democrat Representative Gabby Gifford.

The answer lies in one major difference in philosophy between the right and the left. The left always deals with feelings and emotions, the right doesn’t. Taking a page from Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” the left has to bring everything issue down to an emotional issue. Rule five is this:

“5. “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counteract ridicule. Also it infuriates the opposition, which then reacts to your advantage.”

They will misstate the truth and even lie to turn any argument into an emotional issue. They want the messenger to be attacked, this tactic is called deflection and they deflect the conversation away from the message to the person. It is no secret that Barack Obama is an Alisnky disciple.

We only need to look as far as the discussion on Obamacare for evidence of this. The left insists that Republicans want to stop women from getting healthcare and they don’t want them to be able to get contraception. Has any Republican Party member or tea party member ever said that? Stopping Obamacare doesn’t mean that someone can’t get contraception; it is still readily available, even free contraception is available. Yet, the left insists this isn’t the case.

The left insists on calling the other side names without any proof they are what they are being called. There is the famous rumor that tea party members were calling black US Congressman the “N” word and spitting at them at a tea party rally, charges which were never proven and even one of the congressmen said it wasn’t true. Yet they won’t give that up, after all they were tea party people therefore it must be true. Where is the proof that the tea party is racist? It doesn’t exist because it isn’t true. Republicans have been called “Nazi’s”, “Racists”, “Homophobes” and every other name imaginable with no proof.

Could it be this because they have nothing else? Could it be that when the facts are presented to them that they can’t refute them any other way? Could it be that they need a narrative and even if they need to make up something they will? We only need to go back to the Washington Navy Yard shooting, the Gifford shooting and the Trayvon Martin shooting to see evidence of this.  The left wing controlled media spun the narrative within minutes in each case. Tea party extremists must be responsible. White supremacists are responsible. The white man did it. The shooter must be a republican supporter, yet in each case this wasn’t true. Yet, there never was an apology or a retraction, we couldn’t change the narrative. Instead the stories were changed. Suddenly George Zimmerman was a white Hispanic, a new category of person. The shooter in the Gabby Gifford case was actually an Obama supporter who was actually described as a lefty.

Why is it okay for the left to hold signs depicting George W. Bush with a Hitler moustache, but not for someone to do the same with Barack Obama? And we wonder why nothing gets accomplished in Washington?

We need to get passed the name calling, the vile attacks, the yelling and screaming and get back to doing what needs to be done. This once great nation is slowly slipping to a second rate nation and no one seems capable of doing this. It’s time to check the emotions at the door and act like adults on both sides of the aisle. You can blame the Republican Party you can blame the Democrats and you can blame the Tea Party, but get over it and sit and talk like rational adults. Tolerance begins at home, or in this case the House and Senate.

Op-ed by Paul Roy



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4 Responses to "Republican Party or Democrat Party: Who’s More Tolerant?"

  1. michelle cohen   October 13, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    its only natural for rational human beings to hate those who want to destroy them. obama is purposely trying to destroy our country. how can you look at his actions and defend him? he started the hate he disseminates the hatred and then blames what he did on others. its despicable.he is spiteful, vengeful , petty and vicious. his aspirations are to be treated like the dear leader of north korea while mistreating good american citizens.

    • Jeff   October 13, 2013 at 6:59 pm

      No. Obama isn’t a manchurian candidate any more than Bush was. They are so much alike it makes me sick. Can we PLEASE get past this antiquated Left vs Right ideological nonsense? Look what it gets us. Nowhere. There are smart enough people in this country to figure out solutions to our problems. They just don’t run for office because the hate machine on both sides scares them away.

  2. michelle cohen   October 13, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    its obvious who the liars and troublemakers are, the most radical party is the wrongly named democrat party is not democratic at all. they are the most intolerant, most radical and most traitorous. obama is supplying arms to the jihadists , come on why isnt he being thrown out at once. the propaganda media is covering up for his for this hugely corrupt traitor to america, they are also traitors because they bring us nothing but lies and are willing to put america at risk. talk about throwing congress out , how about obama ?

  3. Jeff   October 8, 2013 at 8:10 am

    “The left always deals with feelings and emotions, the right doesn’t.”

    I don’t think so. Rush Limbaugh spews endless hatred then covers himself by making the same argument that you are,,,that the left operates solely on emotion and the right operates on logic. Ted Cruz is currently spreading the lie that the entire shutdown is the fault of the president and that he doesn’t want a shutdown. This clearly goes against logic. Both parties state that they don’t want a shutdown. One party is ready to vote to stop the shutdown under current sequester funding levels, but the other wants to exact a price for doing what they say they want to do. I would argue that is not logical, and feel comfortable calling it irrational as well.

    Do both sides call the other names? Yes. Of course. But this situation we are in now has a lot more to do with hatred of our president that any kind of logical argument; unless you acknowledge the logic of blackmail.

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