The Walking Dead Isolation October 28 (Review)

The Walking Dead Isolation

The Walking Dead episode, Isolation, continued tonight with the themes of last week’s episode, Infected. The virus that causes people to become walkers has become airborne, and it’s killing off cast members as relentlessly as the walkers have been, though not as bloodily. Who will become walkers in this episode, and suffer the same fate as Patrick and Karen did last week? And, who was it that burned her body, and that of another ex-Woodbury resident? Will the answer be revealed in Isolation?

At the start of Isolation, we see Glenn digging a grave. The camera shows him looking at Patrick’s headstone, which is shaped like a cross, then, he turns to look at Maggie. After that, we see several other survivors digging graves, indicating that the infection has been spreading rapidly.

Rick, Carol, and Daryl Dixon are shown next, standing over the still-smoldering bodies of Karen and the other ex-Woodbury resident, David. Tyreese, who was a romantic interest of Karen’s, asks Rick if he’s a cop. He tells Rick: “You find out who did this and you bring ’em to me.”
Rick tries to calm Tyreese down, then Daryl also tries to; but, Tyreese doesn’t appreciate Daryl’s efforts, in particular, and he shoves Daryl back up against a prison gate.

That’s when Rick steps into the fray. He hasn’t gotten as much air time, of late, as the stories of other characters are unveiled, and new characters are introduced. He tries to break up the fight, and Tyreese hits him twice, before Rick retaliates, and starts pounding Tyreese to the ground. Daryl ends up having to pull Rick off the bloodied Tyreese.

The fight has taken its toll on Rick, in that he sprains his hand, and he has to get stitches in it.

Hershel tells Rick: “I wouldn’t spend much time typing these next few days.” He also tells Rick that they’ve lost 12 people.

Then, we see Tyreese working out some of his conflicting emotions by digging graves for Karen and David. His eyes are practically closed from Rick’s punches, but he refuses to let bob treat them until he has finished burying Karen and David.

The next scene is Glenn and Hershel talking about the flu outbreak and how it’s turning people into walkers. Then, we see Sasha, and she seems to have come down with the deadly virus, as well, because she is coughing. Her lips have changed color, also, looking the color of flesh. She tells Glenn and Hershel “I gotta see Dr. S.” Will she be the next victim of the virus?

In Cell Block A, Sasha keeps getting sicker and coughing more, as she walks down the hall trying to find the doctor. The camera shows two other people in quarantine, one being a man, who is shaking, and the other one we see is a woman, who is coughing up blood.

Eventually, she manages to find Dr. S., but he has also caught the virus, and he is coughing. He tells her: “It’s starting.”

Meanwhile, in the prison library, Hersehl is tellin ghte Council that everyone in Cell Block D is infected. He holds on to the hope that they can be cured with medicine, as if it was an ordinary sort of flu. He tells the Council that there might still be medicine left at a veterinary college, 50 miles away.

Though Michonne offers to go, Rick tells her no, that Daryl has already been exposed to the virus, so he should be the one to go. Actually, though, it baby Judith also has the virus — which she might — then Michonne and Carol, both, have already also been exposed to the virus. Rick doesn’t know this, however.

Michonne tells Rick: “He’s already given me fleas.” She ends up going on the expedition, also.

Hershel then suggests that the time has come to separate the most vulnerable, the young, from the rest of the survivors.

Then, in the fields of the prison farm, we learn that there’s been some sort of blockage to the prison’s water supply. All that Carol and Nick can get is a small trickle of water to flow.

Carol asks Rick if Carl is “pissed about going into quarantine?” He is, Rick says, but it’s better to be safe, he adds.

Carol sees Tyreese up on a hill, and suggests to Rick that he go up and talk to him.

Rick does just what Carol suggests, and he goes up to talk to Tyreese. Rick tells Tyreese that he’s sorry about what happened. Tyreese takes the apology well, and tells Rick: “It’s on both of us.”

Then, Rick asks Tyreese if he knew of anyone who had any problems with either Karen or David, that would make that person wnat to burn their bodies. Tyreese, though, answers that they were both well liked.

Rick then asks if maybe the person who burned their bodies was trying to stop the spread of the virus.

Tyreese gets all emotional again, and says that “Now Sasha has it.” He also tells Rick he doesn’t think that Rick is doing enough, fast enough, to find out who burned their bodies.

Next, we see Carl in his quarantine cell, packing his family photo. Rick had told him that he needed Carl there, to take care of baby Judith and everyone else; but, he also tells Carl he shouldn’t fire his gun, unless “you absolutely need to.”

More bad news — Glenn, as well, has come down with the virus. He tells Maggie “Don’t come in. I have it.”

As Daryl and Michonne are working on the car they’ll use to go on the medicine run, Daryl tells her that he’s glad she’s there and didn’t run off. She answers him: “You know I’m not running off.”

The Walking Dead Isolation

They get Bob to go along, also, but they still need a fourth person to go along with them.

Tyreese is seen looking at everyone who is in quarantine. He’s stnading guard there, but Daryl tries to convince him to be the fourth member and go with them. He tells them no, though.

Hershel decides he wants to go on a mission to find berries and herbs. However, Carl Grimes, on patrol, sees Hershel and tells him he can’t let Hershel leave. Hershel asks, “Let me?” meaning pretty much, “What are you going to do to stop me?”

Carl tells him: “I can’t stop you, but I have to tell my dad.” Hershel tells him to do it, then. Carl doesn’t; instead, he goes on with Hershel on the mission. So much for staying in quarantine and watching over the safety of everyone there….

Then, we see Carol taking other survivors in to be quarantined, like Lizzie. She and her sister’s dad got bitten by Patrick last episode, and became a walker, who Carol put down. Lizzie is now sick, also. Lizzie asks Carol to tuck her in, but Carol turns her down, saying that Glenn, who is there, can do a great job.

In the woods, Hershel and Carl are on their mission to locate berries and herbs. Hershel sees Carl’s gun, and asks him when did he get it back. Then, he tells Carl about how much he’s grown, and tells him “There’s a responsibility about you.” They hear the sounds of a walker, then see another one coming toward them, so they decide to return to the relative safety of the prison.

Back in Cell Block A, Tyreese tells his sister, Sasha, “Positive vibes.” He tells her that Daryl has gotten a group together to get medicine. She gets happier, and says “We got a chance.” Tyreese doesn’t tell her otherwise, but he must realize that it isn’t a common, run-of-the-mill sort of flu. He likely doesn’t want to bring her down, or he thinks that the medicine might be of some help.

Tyreese catches Daryl, Michonne, and Bob before they head out, and tells them that he’ll go with them.

Carol is trying to get the water to flow better, when Tyreese startles her, saying that he’s going to go on the medicine run, also. He asks Carol to look after his sister, and she agrees.

Carol tells him: “What happened to Karen, I’m so sorry.” Tyreese leaves, and Carol, overcome with emotion, throws the water bucket and cries.

Next, we see Rick acting like the cop he is, checking the size of his hand compared to a bloody print he sees on the door of Cell Block A, near where Karen and David died. He notes that the print is smaller in size than his hand.

Carol, we see next, is outside the prison, on her own, trying to repair the hose at the bridge. But, the noise she makes attracts the attention of walkers. Rick sees her, and yells: “Carol! Run!”

Carol manages to put an end to one of the walkers, and Rick takes out the other one. They make it back to the prison, the water flow problem not taken care of.

Daryl, Michonne, Bob, and Tyreese are seen on the road to get the medicine, riding in the car. Daryl says, speaking about the Governor, that he would have helped track him down, but the trail went cold. Michonne doesn’t seem convinced by this.

He asks Michonne to hand him a CD, and, as he fumbles with the raio dials, he ears voices coming from the radio! Daryl, distracted, runs the car right into a walker, then a second one. They become trapped, the car now stuck on the rotting zombies, with other walkers closing in on them. Their only chance to escape is to leave the car and run. Daryl yells “Stop for nothing!”

Then, we see the most action so far in the episode, as Daryl takes down walkers with his crossbow, and Michonne does the same using her katana. Bob blasts some of them with his shotgun.

Tyreese, though, has remained right where he was, in the car. He tells the others “Go on,” and he stays behind, to distract the walkers and hold them off long enough so the others can make their escape.

Daryl, Michonne, and Bob run away, as Tyreese tries to buy them some time. Then, they hear a noise — Tyreese has somehow managed to cut down enough of the walkers to join them. They all then start running together.

Back in quarantine, Hershel pours Dr. S. a hot drink, and tells him if he wasn’t already in there — quarantined, himself — that he’d be there, taking care of the sick. Glenn seems to be accepting that he’s not long for the world, saying that after everything that’s happened, he’ll “get taken out by a glorified cold.” Hershel tells him he shouldn’t be thinking or saying things like that, like that there’s still some hope for him.

Right at the end of The Walking Dead episode Isolation, Rick tells Carol “That was a stupid thing you did.”

Carol agrees with him. Rick tells her that she’s sacrificed a lot for the group. As he is walking away, he asks her if she is the one who killed Karen and David. She answers “Yes.”

Some questions have been answered in this episode of The Walking Dead, titled Isolation. We now know that Carol is the one who killed Karen and David, and we can guess that she did it — maybe — just so that the virus wouldn’t spread any further. If that was her reason, though, she wasn’t successful. More and more of the survivors are coming down with the virus.

Will Daryl, Bob, Michonne, and Tyreese be able to somehow bring back medicne? If so, will the medicine do anything to help the people who have come down with the virus? Who will die next — Glenn, Sasha, or perhaps somebody else? Be sure to watch next week’s episode of The Walking Dead, then please read my recap and review of it here!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  2. douglascobb   October 28, 2013 at 11:57 am

    In the premiere episode of the season, the showrunner, Scott Gimple, was asked about the virus — he said that the zombie virus was going to become air borne. That it resembles the flu in some ways, like that it begins with a cough. That it reminded Hershel or whoever of a different, bacterial illness, does not mean that it is one. Though, flues are caused by viruses, not bacteria. People can have bacterial infections in their lungs at the same time that they have the flu, but still, all types of the flu are caused by viruses — so, antibiotics wouldn’t help.

  3. Carlos Esteban Rivera   October 28, 2013 at 10:37 am

    It’s NOT that the zombie virus became airborne. They’ve already said it a million times in the show it’s like a flu, in fact they specifically said it could be neumococal, which means it’s not from a virus, but bacteria, in which case antibiotics CAN help.

  4. Douglas Cobb   October 27, 2013 at 11:28 pm

    Well, that’s exactly right, though it doesn’t stop people from using antibiotics now for ailments which they won’t help cure. And, antibiotics won’t cure such things like the Hunta virus….but, our immune system can’t deal with it, either, and I doubt that a zombie virus would ever “run its course.” I’m guessing that trying to get the medicine is likely just grasping at straws.

  5. Jeff   October 27, 2013 at 11:17 pm

    if it is a virus then antibiotics wont help at all. there really is no cure for a virus except to let it run its course and hope the bodys immune system can handle it.


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