Tom Clancy Dies: Cause of Death Unknown

Tom Clancy Dies at age 66

According to the New York Times, Tom Clancy, an American author best known for his military and espionage storytelling, has died at the age of 66.

Thomas Leo Clancy, Junior was born in 1947, and was educated at Loyola Blakefield in Maryland. He then proceeded to enroll at Loyola College,  in Baltimore, before successfully graduating.

Starting out his life organizing an insurance firm, Clancy then embarked upon an legendary literary career. His first novel, and one of his most critically acclaimed, was sold for a meager $5,000 – The Hunt for Red October. The book went on to sell over five million copies.

Clancy wrote a great many famous pieces of literary fiction, many of which were then transformed into Hollywood blockbusters, including The Hunt for Red October, The Sum of All Fears and Patriot Games, to name a few.

Tom also went on to co-found Red Storm Entertainment, in 1996, a video game development studio that went on to produce a vast number of Tom Clancy games, including Red Storm Rising, as well as various iterations from the Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon and Splinter Cell franchises. Although the Tom Clancy name appeared on many of these products, the extent of Clancy’s artistic involvement in these projects remains unclear.

According to the New York Times, David Shanks, who had previously collaborated with Clancy, described the illustrious writer as “a consummate author, creating the modern-day thriller, and one of the most visionary storytellers of our time.”

Clancy died in a Baltimore hospital, situated near his Maryland home. Thus far, the cause of death has yet to be confirmed.

By: James Fenner

New York Times Source

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