Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers

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It is here! Finally, months of waiting, anxious trepidation, parodies and more, Walking Dead is back. The show continues to add viewers to its addictive quality. Immersed in a gritty landscape of ruin and survival, season three left viewers wondering what happened to the governor? Will Rick stop going crazy? Will Carl continue to become hardened as the zombie apocalypse surrounds the survivors? Oh, and those women who found out Daryl is a total babe – they are wondering if Daryl will find the love of his life. As season 4 revs up, speculation and spoilers are already heating up in anticipation of this season and next.

*Warning, while some of these spoilers are speculative, do not read if you do not want to know!

New Characters

Comic book fans enthrall! Feisty Rosita Espinosa will be played by  Twilight actress Angela Weber. Love will be the name of the game as a slew of new characters enter the prison. Enter Sargent Abraham Ford who will be played by Michael Cudlitz. Many may recognize Cudlitz from hit shows Southland and Band of Brothers. Cudlitz was thrilled to finally share the secret with many of his Twitter followers:

Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers

The Threat Inside

Rumors suggest someone in the prison wants the zombies to invade. Dead rats and creating issues will be this person’s goal. Zombies will amass in sick numbers, creating an “OMG” moment for millions of viewers. Daryl is also seen with a bandanna in episode 2 called Infected- alluding to the fact a flu virus is something that hits the survivors. It seems the biggest threat will be a sickness delivered from Mother Nature with a powerful and deadly punch.

Daryl may be protecting himself from the flu virus
Daryl may be protecting himself from the flu virus

Character Deaths

When connected to a show about death, it is only natural death reigns. Season 3 saw some surprises such as Lori becoming a zombie’s dinner, T-Dog, smart-ass Merle and even Andrea. Producers of the show has reassured the masses of zombie fans that four of the major characters will remain safe from death. There is speculation Hershel will die in season 4 – the reason behind his death is not yet hinted. It seems zombies will receive some brain food from the newest survivors in the prison.

Will one of these two characters meet an untimely death?
Will one of these two characters meet an untimely death?

Split o’ sodes

To drive some viewers to madness, the producers are splitting season 4 into two different halves. The first eight episodes will begin today and the final eight will premier in February of 2014. It seems while this may initially upset the fanbase, it would appease the long wait time viewers are constantly anxious about.


In addition to the suggestions above, other hints and teases have released the following:

  • Rick is learning to distribute power by developing a “government” hierarchy to work closely with Carl and prevent his growing anger. Producers suggest episode 9 will belong to Carl as he becomes a serious “ass-kicker.”
  • Tyreese will be the love interest for more than one lovely woman.
  • A vegetable farm becomes a fruitful endeavor of the survivors to feed the growing population.
  • Daryl will receive more television time, especially when it comes to wielding his bow and prowess for the ladies.
  • Rumors suggest a controversial love story may happen between Daryl and Beth – this would anger many fans who was hoping the tender love between him and Carol will blossom. Perhaps the screenshot seen from the teaser trailer may be something innocent:

Walking Dead Season 4 Spoilers

  • The Governor is back and with a severe vengeance. It seems he will make a comeback in the second half of the two part season 4 series. During the final episode of season 4, Rick will be collaborating with survivors to defend the prison against the evil attack from the Governor.
Guess who's back?
Guess who’s back?

These are just the tip of an immense iceberg of the coming season. Expect more hints, teases and suggestions as the season revs up. Walking Dead season 4 is underway and spoilers are trending on cyberspace. What are your thoughts and possibilities?


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  1. Kyle Telford   October 14, 2013 at 3:34 pm

    I’m severely bored by the governors character already, he seems to have one goal and that is to kill which sets him apart from everyone else way too much, I also feel like the cast has already spent way too long at the prison for their own good and its time to move on… Maybe they could focus a little bit more on Tyreese’s character as in the comics he is a great character

  2. Torrie   October 13, 2013 at 9:08 pm

    At some point I think Glenn is gonna have to mercy-kill Maggie or vice versa… Possibly she will be pregnant when she turns and he will have to restrain her til the baby’s born…?

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