Xbox One Vs. Ps4 the Gloves Are off

Xbox One Vs. Ps4

Ding, ding, ding! Everyone back to your corners. The age old console war continues with the release of the Xbox One and the PS4. Many gamers have argued over which one is better and even fought for the one they favor most. Undying fanboys and fangirls show their love and dedication to their console of choice.

Now, as a hardcore gamergirl my preference was born and raised on the Nintendo, Sega, and Playstation teat. However, that all changed with the Xbox. Oh yeah, I felt almost guilty switching sides. I tried to balance it out with a PS3 but it just did not feel quite the same. With the Xbox360 I became an avid lover of online gaming, something I could not get easily on the PS3. The PSN was confusing and restrictive and did not afford the cross gaming feature many prefer. I happily pay a fee for that luxury.

Now upon its unveiling the sound of shock and not so much awe came from a lot of gamers upon hearing the details and specs of the beloved Xbox franchise’s new system. What is this? 24/7 Kinect connection? Oh, I am sure conspiracy theorists all over were writhing in their foil hats at the thought of the government spying on households all over the world.

In all fairness Microsoft heard the angry voices of us gamers and changed most of the features. Are we sold yet? Well, as for me I am still skeptical but none the less I am more willing to purchase the Xbox One sometime after its release in November.

A breakdown in the November issue of Gameinformer lists the features in comparison. Some neat and a few confusing, And yes, some can breathe a sigh of relief and remove the shiny sheaths from their heads. Microsoft tries to entice us with tasty peripherals such as: bigger friends lists, more bytes for appetites, and an exclusive headset included in the bundle. There are still rumors of the cross gaming chat changes being flawed and the backward compatibility being non-existent, though they made up for it by letting you share or use used games. I was glad to see that you can use your Xbox360 gamertag and your gamer scores can also be transferred to your new console.

With all credit due upon its failed unveiling and race to appease the fanboys and girls, they are continuing to release games for the Xbox 360 consoles, and maintain its servers for those of us who will be sticking to “old-school” for the time being.

Many fellow gamer friends I have talked to have all had the same consensus: We will wait to get either console due to the high price tag as well as giving the companies the time to work out any bug fixes and feature flaws.

But the war goes on both fans are still equally divided for preference for one or the other consoles, with a few that may eventually buy both in the future, being drawn in on the lure of exclusive games and the size of hard drives. As for me, I am continuing my love affair with my Xbox 360 for now, who knows we may run away to Vegas for that Elvis wedding everyone talks about so much!

Written By: Teidi Bishop

2 Responses to "Xbox One Vs. Ps4 the Gloves Are off"

  1. steadyshot38   October 31, 2013 at 7:40 am

    Im trying very hard to convince myself to wait for the bug fixes. Im already pre ordered and paid for. Please help convince me! Its like having an awesome present under the Christmas tree then having to taking it back even though all your friends will be playing with theirs.

  2. Shaun   October 29, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Pc > all the above


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